Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes – We’re Just Like You, Just with Less Turkey :)

Believe it or not, a lot of people have asked if vegetarian Thanksgiving is a thing. Which I find strange, because Thanksgiving spreads normally include a million and one vegetables. But I get it, when most people think Thanksgiving they think Turkey. When my family thinks Thanksgiving, we thing Tofurky! And believe me, we are just as excited about it.

And I know what you are thinking when I say Tofurky. We all do. But it is delicious, even to meat eaters. Would they take it over turkey? No. But hey, I wouldn’t take turkey over Tofurky, so we’re even!

When I think about it, I can get a Tofurky any time of the year. And I can make stuffing, and craberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. But there is something about the third Thursday of November that makes all of those things taste a thousand times better than any other time of the year. Amiright?!

So, what do vegetarians eat for Thanksgiving?

We eat, everything! Except turkey 🙂

This is the first Thanksgiving dinner I cooked all by myself. This was cooked for just my husband and son, and my dad made an appearance later in the evening. I honestly had never been so proud of a meal before this. Though each year I try to do as much, if not more. And this year will be no exception.

Notice the hockey puck biscuits. For some reason, I have never been able to master the art of biscuit making. Also, I never noticed in this picture my Tofurky looks like a butt.

The Recipes

These are the recipes I have used in the past or am planning on using this year:

    • White Mac and Cheese by Demaris Phillips. My husband hates cream cheese, but he loves Demaris Philips and he loves this mac and cheese. Not to be confused with my Pizza Mac and Cheese, which he also loves.
    • Cranberry Sauce by The Barefoot Contessa
    • The Brownies that come with this Tofurky meal is amazing, and I usually eat it throughout the day while I’m cooking.
    • I change stuffing recipes each year, but I always use one with sourdough bread, and recently I’ve started using recipes with vegetarian sausage and apples. I’m going to try this one, without the cranberries: Sausage Herb Stuffing by Ina Garten.
    • I’m going to make this Chive-Cheese Cornbread, as well as a regular cornbread, because Jack is super picky and he won’t eat cheese and chives in cornbread.

The Shows

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I have been watching my two favorite Thanksgiving episodes:

Side Note: I will ever only plug the first run of this show, when Roseanne had something to say, and was making a difference. I am so saddened and angry about the person she has become, and refuse to watch the reboot. 

Alright y’all, I’m heading to the kitchen to get started on my cooking! What are you making this year?


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    • Lucy
    • November 23, 2018

    A friend of mine at work said that the Turkey is just the edible centerpiece, it’s all about the sides!

    1. Reply

      Lol that’s amazing. And true.

    • Georgia L
    • November 23, 2018

    My daughter-in-law is a vegetarian and she brought a Tofurkey this year. It was actually pretty good! We still had the turkey, but we also had a table full of veggies. How crazy that people would think vegetarians don’t do Thanksgiving!

    1. Reply

      Right?! Still don’t get that. And yay! I love hearing about people trying tofurkey for the first time 🙂

    • Laura Hayden
    • November 23, 2018

    LOL I love that GG episode. Also, I’m with you on Roseanne, I used to love show 🙁

    1. Reply

      Such a bummer! But I still watch the old ones, cause they’re still so amazing.

  1. Reply

    Chive-Cheese Cornbread sounds so good 🙂
    Akaleistar recently posted…5 Things to do this Holiday SeasonMy Profile

    1. Reply

      It was delicious!!

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