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How to Get Over 1,500 Likes on Your Instagram Photo!

I recently posted this photo on Instagram: That, right there, is a photo of the February Boho Berry Box (BBB), in all of it’s glory. Listen, if you haven’t purchased this box, and you’re a journaler, do yourself a favor and get it! Go ahead and use this link, I’ll wait… As a side note, […]


A Few of My Favorite Things – Like the Song, Try Getting That Out of Your Head

I don’t always follow my own tenets for joyful living, but one of the things that I have started is taking time to acknowledge the things that make me joyful. Whether it’s something big, like my beautiful children, or something small like a nice perfume or nail polish, I take a moment and show gratitude […]


Collection of Now: The End of Fall and Start of Winter

This is the first edition of my Collection of Now series! OK, so technically Winter doesn’t start for another three weeks. To me Winter starts on December 1st, so I’m celebrating it on Saturday. I’m making a conscious effort to get into the Christmas spirit because I know that if I don’t make it happen, […]