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The Heat is Off – Recalibrating my Obligations and Expectations

One of the most prolific pieces of blogging advice is to stay active. Especially on social media. I finally understand how to get traction on my Instagram posts, I have a YouTube channel that picked up viewers pretty steadily, I am writing more on the blog, I’m getting into a rhythm with my commenting. I’m […]


6 Habits I’m Changing – Adding and Breaking

6 Habits I'm Changing - Adding and Breaking

I talk a lot about goals on this blog, but not so much about habits. In my post about getting out of a funk, I mentioned choice. I am a firm believer that by changing our choices, we can change our lives and our habits. So, what exactly is a habit? James Clear, author of […]


Mid-Year Review – Getting Goals Accomplished!

I wrote New Year’s Resolutions this year, and even though normally this is like writing a list of things I want and then tossing said list into a deep dark pit, this year I have been determined to make serious change. This Year So Far: Finish my novel – I trashed the novel that I started writing […]


No I’m Not Dead, I Just Suck at Time Management.

I’m not dead, even though the last time I posted was over a month ago. OVER a month ago! Yeesh. You know when you want to call someone, but you haven’t called them in so long that you start analyzing everything you are going to say to them when you finally talk? And then you […]