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Fitness Friday #6 – So Very Sick :(

Helllllllooooo flu season. Listen, let’s get a petition going to have the new year start in the Summer, so that all of our weight loss resolutions are actually possible! Holy moly! Trying to stay on track while sick, is next to impossible. Remember last week when I said I was losing my drive? Compound that […]


Plan With Me – January 14th – 20th [Video]

I recorded my second Plan With Me Video yesterday! If you aren’t familiar with these videos, I’ll break it down for you. Plan with me videos are essentially an opportunity for you to watch someone set up their planner for the upcoming week/month/year. They’re a walk through trackers, dailies, weeklies, and other spreads. And I […]


Mid-Year Review – Getting Goals Accomplished!

I wrote New Year’s Resolutions this year, and even though normally this is like writing a list of things I want and then tossing said list into a deep dark pit, this year I have been determined to make serious change. This Year So Far: Finish my novel – I trashed the novel that I started writing […]