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Collection of Now, March Reflections

I’m not quite sure what happened last month. I feel like it snuck right by me. I didn’t blog as much, I didn’t take as many pictures, and I barely journaled. I’m guess it was caused by home life stuff which is luckily turning around. Sort of. Anyhoo, this is how my March went. Reading […]


January Recap: The Start of Something Good

One of my favorite series to join is the What’s New With You Link Up, from See You in a Porridge, because it pushes me to look back on my month, and appreciate the little things. Here’s how January played out: Jack Turned Seven! Jack was a New Year’s baby, born at 4:02 pm on […]


December 2018 Recap – Ending the Year Strong

December 2018 Recap - Ending the Year Strong

Check out my post from this day last year: 2018 New Year’s Resolutions – All About Healing and Growth It’s 2019, y’all. Seriously, what? December was a blur, as it often is. And the start of the year, like every start of the year since my son was born SEVEN years ago (again, what?!), was […]