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Protein Bars that Don’t Suck

I’ve been eating a lot of protein bars recently, and some are definitely better than others. I’ve put together a list for you so that you don’t have to suffer through the not great ones, and you can just get right to the good stuff! My mom used to buy protein bars when I was […]


Fitness Friday #3 – Traveling is Harder Than I Thought

Last week I talked about how surprisingly easy this weight loss journey has been. And I thought that is was because I work from home and have access to healthy foods, making it super easy to make the right choices. And I was right. I traveled to Orlando last week, and I struggled y’all. Struggled! […]


Fitness Friday #2 – Couch to 5K – #atlsfitnessfriday

Another week down on Weight Watchers! I’m really excited about the progress I made, and believe it or not the second week was easier than the first! Also, I started Couch to 5K, and that was not easy, like at all. Here’s how it all shook out. Weight Loss 5.6 pounds down so far! I’m […]