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A Message From David Sutcliffe, Watching LP, and Getting Some Much Needed Rest

This weekend was one of those weekends that I always hope to have. We spend a lot of weekends cleaning. Lots of weekends! And it breaks my heart. I hate working all week, and then spending all my free time on the weekends working some more. This weekend I did some amazing things, and honestly […]


Gilmore Girls – I’m Totally A Luke, All This Time I Thought I was a Lorelai

I started watching Gilmore Girls just before the seventh season. I would rent the DVDs from Netflix, three at a time, this was before they had streaming, and if you wanted to watch a series you’d have to rent the DVDs and you could only rent three at a time. I want to say there […]


The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest was GilMORE than I Expected! See what I did there?

OK, you may know that I am Gilmore Girls obsessed. And I wrote, briefly, about last year’s Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, and how amazing it was. Well, if last year was pop tarts, this year was a mocha-crunch cream cake! The Goal and Backstory Last year a friend of mine forwarded me an email from Jennie Whitaker, the […]


When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Gilmore – My Gilmore Girls Obsession

I may or may not have alluded to the fact that I am completely Gilmore Girls obsessed. In 2007, I binged the first six seasons of Gilmore Girls with my mom, and we watched the final season as it aired. I don’t know what brought me to the series, and my inevitable Gilmore Girls obsession, but […]