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Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas – Week Three

This post is actually the combination of two weeks. Last week I did lunch almost every day, except for one because I had to be at work super early so Eric did it, and the week before that I only made lunch once since I was traveling. I’ve gotten really good at predicting what Jack […]


Exercise Nutrition Results – Weekly Check In {2}

Welcome to week two of my Exercise Nutrition Results series, you can check out week one here. I’m so glad you’re here to join me on my journey from baby weight to ideal weight #BW2IW. It’s funny, I was walking 10,000 steps a day thinking, I don’t know why people find it so hard to walk this much […]


Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas – Week Two

I made it through my first full week of school lunches! There were some things I loved about it, and other things I did not love. Here are my school lunch ideas from the week, and how everything went down. They aren’t in any particular order. Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas Snack Banana Strawberries Annie’s Bunny […]