Fitness Friday #11 – Success is My Only Option, Failure’s Not

Success is my only option, failure’s not. Yes, I just quoted Eminem. Have you heard this song?

This song has always gotten me pumped, but when I heard it during my Couch to 5K, it literally pushed me harder than any song I’ve listened to while working out. The beat was even in time with my steps. I’m not a big fan of Eminem, but this song, will be on my running playlist for good.

The Message

Success is my only option, failure’s not. It’s such a simple set of words, but the motivation it provides is endless. Wanting to give up, getting discouraged, giving in to muscle pain and sore lungs, is so easy. It’s hard to stay motivated. It’s hard to keep pushing yourself every day, especially when you aren’t seeing the progress you want.

But if success is your only option, you will get there. If failure is not an option you won’t let yourself give up. Once you take quitting off the table, it makes pushing through so much easier. It makes it feel natural, like it’s something you’re meant to do.

I got back on track on Tuesday before writing my Eat, Work Out, Repeat post, and looking back now I don’t know why I didn’t call it Eat, Exercise, Repeat…oh well. Here’s how things have been going since the last Fitness Friday:

Weight Loss

I weighed in this morning at 145.2. That means I am exactly 17 pounds down from my start weight of 162.2. It also means that I have lost a little over 10% of my start body weight.

This is kind of blowing my mind right now. I’m not going to lie, when I set this goal for myself this year (and last year), I didn’t actually think I’d get there. I considered using 140 as my goal weight, instead of 135 because 135 seemed so ridiculous. I literally haven’t been anywhere near that in about 20 years. But I kept it. And I started working toward it.

Now, I really think I can do it. Eff that, I don’t think I can, I know I can. I am going to meet this goal, no doubt in my mind. Because success is my only option, failure’s not.

Nutrition / Menu

I’ve noticed that my tastes are changing. That’s not to say that I couldn’t sit and eat brownies literally all day long, but my cravings and daily wants have changed. I am enjoying eating vegetables more, and even miss them when they’re not included in a meal. The other day I needed a quick snack for the car, and grabbed a hand full of clementines and a protein bar. And it wasn’t something I had to force myself to do.

They say that habits takes more than two months to establish, and I’ve been doing this weight loss thing for 6 months. 6 months! So it makes sense that I’m starting to see habits forming. And I love it!

My goal was to stick strictly to Weight Watchers tracking, but in all honesty, I haven’t done that. I am still tracking every day, or tracking if I’m not tracking in my bullet journal. But I am not being as strict as I could be. And for now, that is what I need. My schedule is up and down, and when I’m traveling or working out a lot, it is really difficult to track every meal. I can honestly say that I’m doing my best though, and that’s what really matters.

Fitness Friday #11 – Success is My Only Option, Failure’s Not


As of today, I am on Week 3, Day 2 of Couch to 5K. Which I started 4 weeks ago…so you do the math on that one. Let’s call it a success, since I’m still doing it. Deal?

Here are my most recent videos. You can see day one here and day two and three here. The longest one is 37 seconds, so it won’t take you too long to get through them 🙂


I see and feel a change, and it’s absolutely amazing. I can’t even describe it enough. And it’s been hard, and it still is hard. But seeing change is everything. Looking at pictures from my daughter’s birthday and not fretting about how I look, is priceless. Seeing myself in the mirror in the morning and taking note of how my body has changed, is my motivation.

Success is my only option, failure’s not.

What is your most motivational song?

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  1. Reply

    So proud of you! Can this blog post be included with my motivational playlist???! Love that you’re making things work for you and I enjoy seeing your successes. Keep going!
    Tricia recently posted…The Easy Way to Draw Flowers (Without Actually Drawing!)My Profile

    1. Reply

      Thank you Tricia!! And ha! I’m going to start a podcast that is me reading out my blog posts. But I’ll do it super loud and energetic, and maybe I’ll add a good running beat too, so you can listen to it while working out! Hmmmm…that actually sounds like a ton of fun! I wonder if they have books set to drum beats, I would totally listen to audio books if they had a kicking bass background track, lol!

    • Mother of 3
    • June 8, 2019

    I had a rough week with just not caring at all about exercising, tracking, and eating awful foods for me.. but I took a full length selfie of myself yesterday and set it side by side with a photo of myself from Oct and just could not get over the difference. Most days (though I’ve bought smaller clothes) I can’t see and feel the difference so that was my motivation to keep going. It’s OK that I’m not perfect and didn’t log in EVERYTHING this week. Today is a new day and I am going to do my best to give it my all and keep on going… down 15 lbs in 2 months and it will not be for nothing. Sure I still have 30 or so more to go but I just try to focus on watching the numbers drop and not worrying so much about how much or how fast.

    1. Reply

      The not *seeing* it, is the hardest part! Once I start noticing changes, I get super motivated. Once I stop seeing the changes, I fall back into the slump. I’ve definitely had those weeks when I just eat whatever and I don’t log it, and then I just pick back up and start again. I think you have to have those weeks in order to stay sane.

      15lbs in 2 months is amazing!! You’re seriously rocking it!

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    You remind me of Mary Stuart Masterson in the last still shot.

    I am so proud of you. I know I say it over and over, but I mean it. It is so hard to lose then maintain weight loss then exercise as well.

    So, so hard.

    Mad mad props, my friend.

    You are my inspiration.
    Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…An Offer I Can’t RefuseMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Ha! That’s awesome, she’s super cute! And thank you! Keep saying it until I reach my goal weight! It is super hard, and it’s something I have been working on, nonstop. I know I’ll get there though, and that’s super important. Didn’t we all learn as kids that knowing is half the battle?

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