Some Weeks are Just Crappy, But I Digress

Last week was hard. I am not entirely sure why. It started with a struggle on Monday at the doctor’s office, and continued at the dentist watching my son get tortured on Wednesday.

Remember when I talked about those lights? OK this wasn’t because of those, this was the sunlight. But still, remember that?

I’ve been having sinus problems for months, and I know that I need to be taking my decongestants, and maybe even using my neti pot. But I just haven’t. After waiting for over an hour for him, the doctor looked up my nose and down my throat, told me to buy Flonase, and sent me packing. Then the receptionist told me that the visit would cost $495 dollars, after insurance, and would I like to pay now or be billed?

Then on Wednesday, I watched as Jack got four of his cavities fixed, one of which required a silver cap. I’ve had my fair share of horrible dentist/orthodontist experiences, so much so that when I was younger we brought my orthodontist to court for malpractice, and I’m still missing the teeth that he pulled out for no apparent reason. And not only was it triggering because of my own nonsense, but watching my son writhe in pain was absolutely awful. Needless to say, it was a hard day.

It was a hard week.

But, this week is a new one, and I’m ready to shake it off and get it right. So here are some things that I’m focusing on this week, to keep my head and spirits high:

  1. This blogging community: I decided that this year I would give this blog a ton of attention and really try to get somewhere with it. And honestly just the response that I’ve gotten so far this year has been amazing. Thank you, to everyone reading this. Thank you for being a reader and joining me on this journey!
  2. My YouTube channel: Heck yeah, I’m a YouTuber! And one of my videos has over 50 views! For me, that is like half way to famous! If you aren’t subscribed, head on over and let’s get this thing going!
  3. Weight Watchers: Last week was no fun, made even worse by having to watch what I ate, and track my weight. But at the end of the day Weight Watchers is an amazing program, and the people on Connect, which is the WW’s social media, are so supportive. Also my friend Kari just joined, and what isn’t better with friends?
  4. My Kids: Last week was super challenging with my kids. They are relentless. They’re constantly asking for things, and while I’m getting those things, they’re already asking for other things. They make me insane, they are putting lines on my face faster than I’d like to admit, and I feel like a deflated balloon that’s been blown up about seven hundred times, at the end of each day. But I absolutely adore them. I am going to focus on the little things, and include at least one thing from each of them that I’m thankful for each day.
  5. Time to Retreat: Last week I pushed myself to the brink, and it really challenged me every day. I need to remember to take a breather and step away, if I need to. There are things I like to do outside of work and family, and I’m going to make sure that I make the time to do them.
  6. Drinking Enough Water: I really do think that my mood is affected by my water intake. And now that I’m eating less and working out more, I think it’s affecting me even more.

It’s funny because I was doing well over the last few weeks, like on top of the world well, and I should have anticipated a crash from all of the excitement. It caught me off guard though, and dragged me down for a while.

Some Weeks are Just Crappy, But I Digress
I wrote myself a note on Monday to cheer myself up. I can’t say that it fixed everything, but it definitely helped for a day.

But, today is a new day, this week is a new week, and I’m ready to get back up on top!

What do you do to get out of a bad mood? How do you handle stress?

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    UGH. I’m sorry it was such a crummy week. TBH, I don’t handle internal stress very well at all. I either retreat completely or strike out at my family. LOVE your goals and great job on the videos.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Tricia! I’m guilty of that as well, which is why I let stress eating take over sometimes, at least I’m not taking it out on anyone. I am learning how to work through things, and the journaling has definitely helped!

  2. Reply

    Oh friend, I FEEL THIS. First of all, you need to know that picture of Buddy you sent me saved me in the middle of an anxiety attack. It’s amazing what women hide, isn’t it? I probably wouldn’t be riddled with anxiety if I just said what I feel all the damn time and let it all out. Like our kids do.
    We are on the same wavelength because I just made a note in my phone last night to add videos to my You Tube channel.
    Heading to yours now.
    I hope this week is better.

    1. Reply

      I’m so glad to hear that! And I was scrolling through my photos yesterday and laughed out loud at that pic. And I agree, holding everything in, is such a horrible way to handle things, and yet it’s where we go back again and again. What is the name of your channel? I wanna see!

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