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I have a few posts in the queue, and by a few I mean a lot. I know we are all busy, so I feel silly saying that I’ve been super busy and that’s why I haven’t posted. But seriously y’all, I’ve been super busy! I just recently moved back to CT, and let me tell you moving from an apartment to a house with no movers is juuuuuuust torture. Also, I traveled during the last three out of four weeks for work.

OK full disclosure, I also just suck at getting my words on the damn page. I have all these great ideas, and I write full posts in my head, and somehow my brain is like, ‘damn girl, you’re doing really well at this writing thing’ and I’m like ‘thanks brain, I’m gonna go scroll through facebook on my phone for two hours.’

Since things have somewhat calmed down, and I’m back to telling myself that I am actually a blogger, I figured I’d share with you the posts that I currently have in draft. You know, so that you are so intrigued that you keep coming back. Also, you tell all your friends about the great posts you are about to read on this here site!

  1. Oh the Places I’ve Been (This Year) – This post is a running tracker of the places I’ve traveled this year for work, including Nashville, Prague, and Seattle. I think I’m going to post this at the end of the year with a few other ‘wrap up’ posts.
  2. 25 Things I don’t Miss About Living in an Apartment – OMG y’all I cannot tell you how excited I am to be out of apartment living. In the last 10 years, I have lived in 8 different apartments. And honestly, they all had more than a handful of things that were just awful. One of them straight up had a handful of roaches! I only lived there for one night.
  3. Which Protein Bars Are Not Terrible? I Tried Them All, But Not Really – Ok this is pretty self-explanatory. I was going through a protein bar kick. I may not actually go through with this one.
  4. >Biting Budget Bytes’ Bites – This one I’m pretty excited about. It’s going to be a Julia/Julia type series where I try to cook all of the recipes from a site called Budget Bytes.
  5. Depression Doesn’t Give a Sh*t About You, or Anthony Bourdain, or Chris Cornell – This post is dear to my heart, and I started it the day Anthony Bourdain killed himself. People get really caught up in celebrities ‘having it all’ and they don’t understand how they could kill themselves, but depression doesn’t care about the ‘all’ the you have.
  6. Finding Planner Peace – One Year in My Many Journals – This post is going to be a visual guide through my journaling journey. Unfortunately, almost every journal I have is currently packed, so this post may take a while.
  7. Swing Low Sweet Chariot – A Story About Boobs – Yup, it’s a post about my boobs. Sorry for the visual.
  8. Does Anyone Else Play Trash Chicken? – My husband and I were playing an unspoken game of chicken with our garbage for a while there. Until I finally confronted him about it, and it turns out only I was playing this game. He had no idea what I was talking about. He takes the garbage out a lot more now.
  9. The Times I had Classical Gas – Believe it or not, this post is not going to be about flatulence, rather it is an homage to one of my favorite songs Classical Gas.
  10. Beware Advice that Comes in Clickable Links – When I first started blogging, I took a lot of advice from the interwebs, and a lot of it didn’t pan out for me. I later found out that a lot of that advice was given solely for the purpose of duping n00bs like me to click on them and buy whatever it was they were selling.
  11. How Lena Dunham Inspired me to Start Writing Again – This is true. I know there is a lot of drama around Lena Dunham, and she says some seriously stupid shit, but she really did help me start my writing fire again.

It irks me that this list ended on 11 and not 10, but I guess that is a post for another day. So, did it work? Are you interested? Or are you a little scared? I swear the boob post will be very relatable.




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  1. Reply

    Oh yes, there’s always so much more to write about, so many works in progress… Just never enough time or energy to finish them all! I’m looking forward to these whenever the inspiration strikes. 🙂

    1. Reply

      It’s definitely the best feeling when the words flow right out! But finding the time to get them flowing is definitely the hard part! I’m hoping that writing about the things I want to write about, will help me actually write about them. Phew!

  2. Reply

    WTF, you have SO MANY ideas!!! You need to charge for one of those blogging classes that you can make coin from and retire. Like, SIGN UP FOR MY E-BOOK ABOUT COMING UP WITH BLOG POST IDEAS!

    So I am really stoked that you have all of these ideas because the blogosphere sucks without you in it. Maybe I will write a blog post about all the bloggers who don’t blog but I wish they did because everyone else sucks.

    I also love Classical Gas. And regular gas too.

    One more thing, I think you really need to compose an opus about how you are in the same state as Gilmore Girls. I cannot believe that you didn’t have that as number one but it’s been awhile since you’ve blogged, so I will forgive it.

    I’m glad you’re back. 🙂

    1. Reply

      LOL. I really should have my own e-book about all the blog posts that you could write. But what would I call it? It would have to be something really clever, otherwise folks wouldn’t believe that I am the post writing wordsmith that I am.

      And yes! I want to read that post about all the bloggers that should be blogging more because I am ready to start reading some more great stuff! Also, if you could, can you include more blogs like yours? Cause I love yours!

      After the Fan Fest next week I will be gushing about Gilmore Girls! I’m still not really feeling settled yet, since our stuff is still mostly in boxes. But I know that if I don’t get into it now, it’ll be Winter before I know it. You can’t get more Gilmore than Fall in CT!

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