November Goals Achieved and December Goals Set

I decided to start setting monthly goals in November this year. Every year I set yearly goals, but then I forget to check up on them, and then lose sight of them until Q4. I started setting monthly goals to stay more focused, and to have something to work toward.

November goals, Bujo, Goal Setting

These were my goals for November:

  • Name change (Not done – More on this later. Don’t worry I’m not changing my blog name again)
  • Goal weight (Achieved!! – More on this in Fitness Friday this week)
  • Study for ASP (Nope, I rescheduled my test, yet again. This is for the Associate Safety Professional certification, that I should have gotten about four years ago.)
  • Start therapy (Achieved)
  • Go to 4 Weight Watchers meetings (I went to 3 out of 4 weekly meetings, I couldn’t bring myself to weigh in after Thanksgiving – More on my Weight Watchers plan coming soon)
  • Finish Dead Souls (This is a long book, and I made very little progress. Long term goal is to read all of the books on the 100 greatest books list, inspired by The Equalizer, cause I’m random like that.)
  • Buy December Bujo (Achieved – I meant 2020 Bujo, and I bought it!)
  • Make calendar for December (Done, see below)
  • Italian lessons for kids (Not yet achieved)
December goals, Bujo, Goal Setting

My December goals are:

  • Remaining goals from November
  • See Christmas lights – Every year I say I’m going to see Christmas Lights, I even put it on my Winter List Bucket List, and I never do it!
  • Finish knitting scarf – You can check it out here, I started it last year.
  • Create stickers for January – I really want to start making my own Bujo stickers. I haven’t been ready until now, and I am finally at the point where I feel like my lettering is good enough, and my mind is in the right place.
  • End of year summary – I did a lot this year, and I want to make sure that I spend some time exploring and learning from it all.
  • 2020 Game plan – I have blog plans, Etsy plans, and YouTube plans, and I always lose my focus and momentum. I am going to come up with a plan that I can actually execute and sustain.
  • Set up 2020 Bujo – I bought all new pens and a new Scribbles That Matter notebook, and I’m actually really excited about starting a new notebook. I’m hoping to create a video of the new setup my process.

Do you set goals? Are you a yearly goal setter or a monthly goal setter?

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    I kind of set goals but I too forget about them, occasionally decide to completely change them or else talk myself out of reaching for them! I like the idea of setting monthly goals since I tend to really do well following my bucket list each season… maybe I should start with seasonal goals. And CONGRATS!! on meeting your goal weight!

      • Ani
      • December 4, 2019

      Your bucket lists are amazing, and you get so much of them done! I’ve found that monthly works better for me than yearly and seasonally because I am awful at long term planning. One month is enough that I won’t feel like I’ve got all the time in the world, but it’s enough time to get things accomplished.

  2. Reply

    I am so impressed with your goals. I have absolutely no goals at all but I think that is because of my migraine cycle etc…
    I need to get my shit together in January. For real. I turn 50 in April and I need to get inspired.
    You are a huge inspiration. 🙂
    Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Why I Can’t Have Nice Things- Bathroom Floors EditionMy Profile

      • Ani
      • December 4, 2019

      Thanks girlie! It’s been a process, I honestly was total crap at goal setting and attaining until I started bullet journaling. It really turned everything around for me. Have you tried Imitrex for migraines? I just started it and it’s the first thing that has knocked them out without making me feel completely loopy or off the walls.

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