No I’m Not Dead, I Just Suck at Time Management.

I’m not dead, even though the last time I posted was over a month ago. OVER a month ago! Yeesh. You know when you want to call someone, but you haven’t called them in so long that you start analyzing everything you are going to say to them when you finally talk? And then you do that for so long that it makes the time since the last time you called that much longer to the point where you feel like you can’t call? Well, that’s what I was stuck in.

I Miss You | No I'm Not Dead, I Just Suck at Time Management.

I hadn’t blogged for so long, that all I was doing was thinking about what I wanted to blog about, so much so that I never actually got around to blogging!

But, hey! I’m back now! And there is so much to talk about. So pull up a chair and let’s get down to business! Though, I don’t know why you would be standing while reading this. Unless you are on the subway, then you’re probably standing because there are no available seats. If that’s the case, continue to stand, I don’t want you starting a fight for this post.


First off, I started a new role at my job, yay, which is amazing for a few reasons: one, I am doing something new that I actually enjoy, I was in such a rut at work that every day was feeling a bit torturous. And two, most importantly, the job is remote. Which means I can work from home. Let me say that again, I CAN WORK FROM HOME! Holy moly, y’all. The only career goal I had on the books was working from home. Sure I want to work at a job that feeds my soul, and makes me happy, but until I find that, all I wanted was to work from home. And now, I am.

I Hate Commuting | No I'm Not Dead, I Just Suck at Time Management.

Side note: I am starting a Work From Home series, because people have told me that working from home is a lot more difficult than I realize and that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I honestly don’t believe it. So, I’m going to be documenting my journey to see if it is in fact harder than I think it is. Spoiler: so far it’s not, though it’s been super fattening! More on that to come.


I just started reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero and I already love it. I am trying to wean myself off of social media first thing in the morning, since it makes me batshit crazy and it is officially a horrible way to start the day. So I put this book in the bathroom so that when I’m waking up, or hiding from the children, I can read it and actually feel like I’m making a difference in my life as opposed to getting sucked into mindless nonsense that enrages me.

You are a Badass | No I'm Not Dead, I Just Suck at Time Management.

Another side note: One of my favorite bloggers Kari, from A Grace Full Life, wrote a review of the book here. Check it out!


My goals for 2018 are vast and many, and they include getting myself out of this crazy funk I have been in for so damn long! I honestly think a lot of it revolves around postpartum issues, with a good healthy side helping of mental health issues. My daughter is about to turn three, and this year is the first since she was born that I am starting to feel more like myself.

I’m helping myself in a few ways: bullet journaling has been a continued source of calm and grounding for me. I’ve also gotten back to daily journaling and documenting my gratitude. I know that focusing on the joy in my life has not always been a priority, but when I do, it really makes a difference.


I saw a Facebook live post by CA Miljavac almost a month ago, and it was an emotional one. If you don’t know Carolanne (CA), check her out, she is one of the funniest people on this earth and her feed brings me endless joy. This particular video is heavy, and I cried a few times watching it, but it also gave me this gift that I honestly did not see coming.

The TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch) version is that CA was in a very dark place after her seven year old niece lost her battle against cancer. CA had a moment in her car when she decided to give her life up to God, and in that moment, she said that God spoke to her. And he said “speak.” After that she threw herself into her Facebook page, doing live videos every day and after a year, her page literally exploded. Her posts constantly go viral, she has almost half a million followers, and she is an honest to goodness inspiration.

I haven’t had spirituality in my life since college. Studying environmental science is a really good way to knock the spirituality right out of you. But I’ve always felt like something was missing. I’ve always wanted more. And this video lead to the first time, in a loooong time, where I actually took a good hard look at my spirituality. I wondered what would happen to me, if I gave myself up to God. What would he tell me?

To someone who openly identifies herself as an atheist, this is big. And potentially scary. So I’m not diving too deep into it at the moment. But it feels like there is now a constant knocking at my door, and I know some time soon I am going to have to answer it.

In Summary

So, yeah, a lot has happened this month. A LOT. I’m psyched to be back on the blog and I actually have more posts in the works. Can you even?! Seriously though, thanks for sticking with me, even after my unintentional hiatus. If you ever need to check my pulse and see if I’m still kicking around, I post regularly on Instagram. I also post irregularly on Twitter.

Until next time! *which I promise you will be sooner than a month from now!


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    • Ali
    • April 22, 2018

    Time management is a lady killer! I have struggled with that the whole time blogging…but I’m getting better! Great post!!

    1. Reply

      Yeah, I think the more I focus on it, the better I’ll get at it. If life would just stop changing so much and so fast! 🙂

  1. Reply

    I’m SO glad you’re back. After your last ‘is blogging dead’ post I was afraid. And WORKING FROM HOME ROCKS! Only I work ALL the time so I could never turn off work and just enjoy myself. But now I’m sad you won’t be coming to Atlanta anymore. So excited to see the real Ani in your blog and learn about all the things.
    Tricia Murdock recently posted…Life Changing Magic of Tidying – ExperimentMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thanks Tricia! Working from home is indeed great. It’s taken some serious adjustment and I’m not quite honed in, but I know I’ll get there in time. I may still be coming to Atlanta, my new role is 40-60% travel! Just this month I will be going to Indiana and Georgia! I’ll definitely let you know next time I’m in town!

  2. Reply

    I’m glad your back! So exciting that your getting the chance to work from home. Im sure not having the stress of a morning commute is amazing. I can’t wait to read more of your post.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Amanda! I am so glad to have the time back that I was spending in the car commuting to and from work. Also, it’s so nice to be in the same space as my daughter all day, and then my son when he gets home from school. Now I just have to focus on keeping myself on track!

  3. Reply

    Just as I was about to read your blog post (HOLY SHIT AM I EXCITED), I logged into my blog and saw four comments from you. You have no idea how happy this made me. But this isn’t about me right now.

    I have been checking your blog here and there even though I follow you on Bloglovin because I thought I was missing posts. Listen, I get it completely. But selfishly, I think you need to make more time to write here because I love your writing. It’s SO MUCH BETTER than a lot of the other crap bloggers are writing about.

    That book, man. I took it on spring break again this year and still didn’t finish it. It gives me this YEAH! I AM KICK ASS! FIST PUMP IN THE AIR! vibe. Then I hit reality and am all PASS ANOTHER LOAD OF LAUNDRY YAY ME.

    Which leads me to mental health. I FEEL YOU. I swear to God, why do we not live close to each other. I am publishing a post about journaling today (see? FEEL YOU) because my anxiety is out of control. Here is another idea I got from church (it’s like you don’t know me right now): three good things about each day. I started writing those down each night and it sends me to sleep thinking about good not bad, which is what I tend to do.

    I feel like this comment was all about me.
    No wonder you never write anymore.
    Stupid bloggers.

    I am so glad you’re back.

    1. Reply

      lol, I so look forward to your comments, they get me so inspired! I hope you don’t mind that I comment on your blog in spurts. Just as I haven’t made enough time for writing, I also haven’t made enough time for reading! I’m getting there though, and your words get me pumped!

      I was at a work event recently and someone said it’s not that you don’t have time for things, it’s that you don’t make the time for things. And it’s so true. I’m making a conscious effort to take the time I was spending on TV and social media, to do productive things. OK, so I haven’t started the effort, but I’ve decided to start the effort, which means the effort is right around the corner!

  4. Reply

    Welcome back! I hope you had a great break! I will have to check out that book!
    Diana recently posted…Bullying Begins at HomeMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thank you! It’s been very slow going on the book, but what I’ve read so far, I’ve really liked. I am all about growth this year, and this is the first of a handful of books that I’m hoping will help me get there!

  5. Reply

    Definitely can relate to this, for sure!
    Holly recently posted…Dressing for Disney: Disney princess dressesMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Can’t we just have an extra four hours added to each day?! 🙂

  6. Reply

    The blog title of this made me laugh. It’s hard to time manage! There’s so many things to do and 24 hours is definitely not enough time to do it!
    Samantha recently posted…How I got 4,600 Views in my First Month as a New BloggerMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Man oh man do I agree! And some days feel like they are more like 18 hours instead of the full 24. Where do those hours go?! I know I have to just put the effort into managing my time better, but I think setting aside the time to do that gets me back to the root of the problem, haha.

  7. Reply

    I struggle with this also time management is so important. Some days are better than others. Welcome back!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Shantell! Some day I will be a well organized person, who is always on time. That day is not today though 🙂

  8. Reply

    Sounds like you’ve been up to some good things 🙂
    Akaleistar recently posted…Weekend Reading: Two new thrillersMy Profile

    1. Reply

      It’s definitely all good stuff, now I just have to make the time to write about it! 🙂

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