My Dreams Are Trying to Tell Me Something, and They’re Liars

Like most nights, last night I had a dream. In my dream, I was in a London office that I’d traveled to for work. I was standing in my manager’s doorway when a coworker walked up to me, eating frosted Cheerios out of a little Ziploc bag.

I looked at him and said, “are you eating frosted Cheerios?”

He looked at me and answered, “yeah, they’re crunchy.”

“But the whole thing about Cheerios, is that they are healthy, why don’t you just eat Frosted Flakes?” I asked.

“I like these, they’re crunchy,” he said as he continued to nibble his frosted Cheerios.

The dream goes on, I end up on some cobblestone streets, and I’m trying desperately to get to Big Ben. At some point an important female muckity muck takes her gum out of her mouth and puts it on my dogs back. I tell her that that was a really pathetic thing to do. In my dream, this was a pretty fantastic zinger.

When I get back to my hotel, I take out a pen and paper and start writing down my Cheerios interaction. As I’m writing I’m thinking about how absolutely hilarious that interaction was. It was so funny, and clever in fact, that I could use it as the basis of a TV episode. I mean, this is Seinfeld level funny. I could be a real life Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

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Then I woke up.

And honestly the first thought in my head was, I should write that stuff down. Remember how funny it was? And as I replayed the dream, I was like, wait a minute. That’s not funny at all. That’s not even remotely clever! And I was a little disappointed.

In my dream I had it figured out. I was going to be a successful writer of a comedy show, written solely by me. What? It’s totally possible, right?

I am honestly not someone who believes that my dreams are telling me anything. Mostly because I studied science in college, and dreams have psychological explanations, and also because my dreams are super realistic. I read in them, I write in them, I have full conversations in them. They are literally like watching an episode of a TV show. I’ve always loved this about my dreams, but I’ve never felt like they were some sort of guidance or premonition.

Side Note: I read this article this week, and it’s really interesting, especially if you are a writer. I saw the referenced Batman episode when I was younger, and literally taught myself how to read in my dreams because of it. 

Today though, my dream prompted me to take a good look at myself and really ask what it is that I want to do with my life. I am three years away from 40, and I honestly think it’s time to start thinking about what I want to be when I grow up.

Whenever I ask myself what I want to be, and what I want to do, the answer always is that I want to be a writer. But what does that mean? I want to write a novel, yes. I love writing on this blog, yes. Do I want to write for a living? Yes. Do I think I’m good enough to write for a living? Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Remember when I said that I have this idea in my head for something to write, and I think about it so much that a little switch goes off in my brain and I think that I already wrote it. And I’m so proud of myself for what I wrote, that I never actually sit down and write the darn thing?

Well, this madness has to stop. One of my goals for the year is to complete a novel. And as it happens, next month is NaNoWriMo, which is the perfect time to finish a novel. So I’m going to try it again this year. I did NaNoWriMo last year. Can you guess how it went? I’ll give you a hint, the name of the post I wrote about it was NaNoWriMo Notsomuch. But this year I will do it.

If I want to be a writer, I need to write. And if I want to make a living writing, I need to write something to make a living off of!

Also, I’ll tell you something that makes me very anxious to share. I have an article idea for the New York Times. An editorial-type piece. The kind that they publish in the Sunday magazine. And I think I could really do it. I think it’s a really good topic, and I have a really good story to tell. So, now that I’ve told you this, I am going to put a goal behind it. By this time next year, I will have an article published in the NYT. There, I said it.

This post was a bit all over the place, no? Kind of like a dream. It starts at a restaurant around the corner, and ends up in the mouth of a cartoon dragon with your hands full of key lime pie. Hopefully this post will inspire you as much as my dream did. You’ll finish it thinking about how great it was, until you replay it and realize it made absolutely no sense.

Do you have vivid dreams? Do you believe that your dreams are meaningful? No judgement if you do, I am always up for different points of view. 



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  1. Reply

    So now I want Frosted Cheerios. Thanks for that.
    And this novel writing thing, is it easy? Because otherwise I don’t wanna do it.
    It might be fun just watching YOU do it.

    1. Reply

      Haha are frosted Cheerios a real thing? I didn’t even consider that! Also, yeah, it must be easy. I mean soooooo many people do it!

      1. Reply

        YES THEY ARE. Better than Frosted Flakes.
        Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Remember When I Used to Write About John Hughes?My Profile

        1. Reply

          I’m going to have to try them, but I need to find a good hiding place for them. My kids are so sugar-obsessed that once they know these exist, they’ll insist we have them stocked in the house at all times!

  2. Reply

    I just find it novel when I can actually remember my dreams, which is rare. I don’t think there’s too much meaning in them either, just leftover snippets of thought, churning away in the mind…
    Hannah recently posted…Silent Sunday: Keep On TruckingMy Profile

    1. Reply

      I wonder if there is some sort of science behind what makes you remember your dreams. I’ve always heard that keeping a dream journal helps, but I don’t think I could wake up and just start writing like that. And by the time I’m on my third snooze button press, I’ve forgotten it all!

    • Dean
    • October 20, 2018

    I always try to dissect my dreams. I look for meanings or retrace what I did the day before that brought my imagination here. Sometimes, my dreams play out like premonitions, actually… it happens often.

    If you ever do decide to write a show I hope there will be a Frosted Cheerio reference somewhere.
    My daughter and I have been working on some writing ideas together.

    I think it’s wonderful that you’re going to join NaNoWriMo!! There’s a piece of me that wants to do it and then there’s a piece of me that knows I may lack at follow through. Like the October photo challenge, I’m currently a part of. Let’s just say I need to jump back in (I missed a week!!)
    Anyways, good luck! I will be here to cheerlead you on this journey!!
    Dean recently posted…Mommy Monday Blog Hop 319My Profile

    1. Reply

      That’s amazing that they end up being premonitions! That must be an amazing feeling! And yes! I’m going to have to put Frosted Cheerios in my novel somewhere! And I totally feel you on the follow through. I’m determined this year, but there is that lingering feeling that I’m going to lose steam half way through! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  3. Reply

    Its annoying when I am having a good dream but at the time I wake up, I’ve just forgotten them all… I got hungry because of Cheerios haha

    1. Reply

      It really is the worst to wake up from those amazing dreams! And, Cheerios are the best, lol 🙂

  4. Reply

    Awesome post! I have personally a long time without dreaming, but when I do it’s very interesting.

    With that said I have been trying different methods to increase my dreams, not only that but trying to have lucid dreams, where you’re aware in your dreams.

    Do you have any tips to achieve this?
    Quality Noots (Angelo) recently posted…How To Take Huperzine-A for Lucid DreamingMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thanks Angelo! I have found that keeping a journal next to my bed and jotting things down as soon as I wake up helps me remember my dreams. If you read these dreams before you go to bed, I think you will have more control over your dreams at night. I’ve also heard that if you focus on what you want to dream about before bed, you can increase the changes of actually dreaming about it.

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