How the Heck Did I Miss My One Year Blogiversary?!

Seriously, How the Heck Did I Miss My Blogiversary?! September 13th was my one year Blogiversary. Also, it was my four year wedding anniversary. Awkward.

ALSO, it was almost a month ago and I totally missed it! But the important thing is that I am here now, to say Happy Blogiversary to Me! Is that weird?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

When I started this blog it was called Momma Bear Life, and it was going to be about mom stuff. But then I realized that I didn’t want to be a mommy blogger and I changed it to this blog you see before you. I previously had a blog about being a working mom, and even though it was great and a lot of fun, it never quite felt like me.

I’ll admit though, I really do love the logo and tag line.

How the Heck Did I Miss My Blogiversary?!

I started on brand, writing about school lunches and Winter activities, but with time I grew towards a different POV.

My first post, post-brand-name-change, was about Exercise, Nutrition, and Results:

How the Heck Did I Miss My Blogiversary?!

This was during my weight loss journey, and I rocked it! I lost 16 pounds! It pains me to say that right now, I am back up to almost my starting weight and am trying desperately to get back down.

In the first year of my blog I wrote only 40 posts, which is an average of .1 a day. Pretty impressive, no? But as they say it’s quality not quantity, and some of the posts I’ve written in the last year are pretty special to me.

My favorite first year posts

  1. I Am Not a Mommy Blogger, and This is Why – I reference this post a lot, and it was really an important post for me in the world of blogging. And honestly it helps to keep me centered. This blogging thing is a reason to write, engage in great conversation, (god willingly) to make a little cash, and to always be writing. Yes, I wrote writing twice. Did I mention writing? Anything else is simply distraction.
  2. Is Blogging Dead? – I love the engagement I got on this post. When I’m feeling down and wondering what’s the point of continuing to write here, I take a look at the comments on this post and it gives me hope.
  3. Winter Bucket List: 20 Fun Family Things To Do – I talk a lot of shit about list posts, but this post kept me on track last Winter and my son said that last Christmas was the best he ever had. Granted, he’s only six, and he tends to say that days are the best days a lot, but still it meant a lot to me. And we did almost everything on the list!
  4. Homestyle Vegetarian Chicken Soup – Like Mom Used to Make – I love this post because I love this soup. When I was growing up, my mom made the best chicken soup, and when I finally learned how to make a vegetarian version of it, I made it almost every week. And now that it’s Fall again, I’ll be making some any day now!
  5. Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes Perfect for Fall Weather – I love this post because the pancakes look so darn good. And believe me, they taste as good as they look. I am a sucker for food photography, even when it’s my own. And I’m pretty proud of the photos in this post.

Am I a Travel Blogger?

Out of the 40 posts that I wrote last year, six were about travel. And I know what you’re thinking, six is not that many. But when you’ve only written 40 posts, 6 is about 15%. OK so that’s not that much either, but I’ve been writing about it a lot lately. And honestly it’s just because I’ve traveled a lot this year! So far I have been to:

January: Atlanta, Dallas

March: Seattle, San Francisco

April: Dallas, Seattle

May: Indianapolis, Dallas

July: Vancouver, Richmond, Nashville

August: Prague, Ohio

September: Seattle, Baltimore

And I want to write about it all! Which reminds me, I am going to post a Baltimore post this week, and if you are a fan of Barnes and Noble, you’re going to want to check it out. This month, I am hopefully not traveling at all, though I may have to go to Mexico. All that being said, I am not a travel blogger. I just happen to be a blogger who travels a lot. Also, my high bar for travel blogs is The Everywhereist, and honestly I just can’t compare.

So, What’s Next?

I have a handful of posts in the queue, and there is still so much I have to tell you! I haven’t even posted about my new house in CT yet! Also, I’m going to be volunteering again at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest this year, and shhhhhhh I even get to pick up a few GG stars from the airport! Good god, I may just die.

Most importantly, if you are reading this, thank you. Honestly there is nothing better than having readers, especially when you comment (that is a not so subtle hint). I love writing, and I love sharing my experiences, but more than anything I love reading your comments, and I love knowing that you are reading. So thank you again, and I hope you stick with me for another year of posts! I promise I’ll do more than 40 this year 🙂

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  1. Reply

    I can’t believe you’ve only been writing for a year! I feel like we’ve known each other forever.
    My first post of yours I read was Is Blogging Dead? ( I think….or it was I am Not A Mommy Blogger ) and that is when I knew we would be blog soulmates.
    Keep writing because, in a sea of shitty bloggers, you are my life vest.

    1. Reply

      Right?! I feel the same way about you! And honestly I want that last line as a cross stitch that I can hang in my office. It’s honestly the best blogging complement I’ve ever received!

      1. Reply

        If you do it, I want pictures. 🙂
        Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Remember When I Used to Write About John Hughes?My Profile

        1. Reply

          I feel like this is a challenge that I must accept!

  2. Reply

    Happy bloggiversary! I love reading about your random adventures. And I’m glad you’ve found, well, you.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Tricia! I’m glad I found you as well! And I’m so glad you enjoy the adventures 🙂

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