Fitness Friday #9 – Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day

Fitness Friday is back! Whaaaaaat?! Yes, I am actually sticking to my goal, even though I missed it the first Friday after I said I was going to do it. Today we are talking about meal planning and why I’m changing my weigh-in date from Monday to Friday.

As you know, I have until my birthday, June 28th, to reach my goal weight of 135 pounds. Today I weighed in at 147, which means I’ve only got 12 pounds left and seven weeks in which to lose them. At roughly 1.7 pounds a week, I think I can actually do this!


Each week, I’ll check up on the goals that I set:

Get back to strict Weight Watchers, track everything!
I didn’t start tracking right after I wrote my post last week, but I did track every day this week.

Intermittent fasting of no less than 14 hours (Ideally 8:00pm to 10:00am)
Yup, got it! Thursday was really difficult for me. I started my fast at 6:00pm as usual, and then cleaned for two hours, with another two hours of cleaning ahead of me. So, I ate again at 8:00 which made me push my starting time to 12:00pm the next day. I have gotten used to waiting to 10:00am but 12:00pm is just too late in the day to start eating.

Monday: 14:22 hour fast
Tuesday: 15:48 hour fast
Wendesday: 15:57 hour fast
Thursday: 15:10 hour fast
Friday: 16:12 hour fast

Follow the Couch to 5K schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Yeesh, not even close. I started strong and did two days of this, but haven’t been able to get back to it since then.

This was the first day of CT5K when my kids begged me to join. This was how the walk started.

Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day
Me: “Wow, this is great, one in a stroller and one pushing the stroller. This is going to be a breeze!”

And this was them about two minutes into the program.

Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day
Me: “(pant pant pant) Freaking (pant) lazy kids (pant pant pant)”

Do Slim in 6 at least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday)
Nope! Not one single day of Slim in 6, though I have thought of it every day. I may shift this one to just do weights, because if I’m doing Couch to 5K and lifting weights, I don’t know if I’ll need a whole additional program.

Close all rings, every day
I closed every ring every day except for Tuesday, and obviously today isn’t done yet, but I started a competition with my brother, so I will definitely be closing them today!

Drink 64 ounces of water a day
I don’t know what’s going on, but I am really struggling with this one. Usually I have no problem, but I only met this goal once this week. I am going to try a different water bottle and see if that helps. There is one bottle in particular that I know I have to fill three times to reach my goal, so I’m going to try that today.

Stay connected by posting weight loss/health/fitness related content at least twice a day
I posted twice this week about health or what I was eating, to both Instagram and WW Connect. It has helped, and I know the more I do it, the more I’ll get out of it.

Fitness Friday updates!
Well lookie here! I’m doing this one, at this very moment!

Weight Loss

Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day
Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day

The lowest I’ve been since stating this journey in January is 135, so I’m not quite back to where I should be, but I’ve made some serious progress!


Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day

I am skipping a few sections of this Fitness Friday, since I just switched my weigh in day, and it resets my week starting today. Which is exactly why I did it. If I want to write about a week of Fitness, that week should be wrapped up when I write about it.

Now, in regards to meal planning, this week I had such a good sense of what I needed to eat, because when I was shopping I meal planned. I thought of actual meals as opposed to just buying foods I like. And it really paid off. I don’t usually meal plan, because it takes a lot more time than just throwing a bunch of stuff together. But when you take the guess work out of things, you have a harder time going over your points.

I don’t meal plan for the week, but at the start of each day, I think about what I’m going to eat, and I plug it all into my Weight Watchers app. This ensures me that I am not going over my points, and it helps me plan for snacks and sweets.

Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day

I found my favorite indulgence this week: Half of a chocolate brownie protein bar, topped with powdered peanut butter (mixed with water), and chocolate hazelnut spread (Costco version of Nutella). This literally caused a happy food dance when I ate this, and it was only 4 points!

I was suuuuuuuper skeptical about powdered peanut butter, because…it’s powdered peanut butter. But three tablespoons is only one point, and it’s way creamier than any other peanut butter I’ve ever had. Peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite combination, and when that chocolate is mixed with hazlenut and spreadable, I’m a happy camper. I also tried this mix on a banana, and it was heavenly.

Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day


All in all, I’m super psyched about my progress. I’m a little worried about next week, when I have to travel again, and then the week after that. But I’m going to stay strong and heed my own advice about traveling and staying on track. I’m on a darn mission, and I’m not stopping until I get there!

Do you meal plan? Do you have any meal planning hacks?

Fitness Friday - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day
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    • Mother of 3
    • May 11, 2019

    I bought some of the powdered PB to try too! It’s not bad but it’s not my favorite either.

    1. Reply

      I found the trick with the powdered PB is getting the perfect amount of water. Too much and it’s awful and runny, too little and it stays in your stomach like a rock. When I get the perfect balance, it’s the creamiest peanut butter!

  1. Reply

    I am struggling with meal planning lately for some reason. I do know that summer is easier for me to lose because I am not inside every damn day of the week and I am doing more physical activity.

    Did I miss what Slim in 6 is?? I am very curious. Need to Google this.

    You are doing amazing, in my book. Keep up the good work, Mama!!!

    1. Reply

      Slim in 6 is a program through Beach Body that I bought about ten years ago, and I just love it. It really slims problem areas like my waist and love handles. I am a subscriber to Beach Body on Demand, if you want to check it out let me know!

      And thank you!! I am trying! It helps to have such a tight goal, it’s making me stay on track better than I had before.

  2. Reply

    I really struggle with drinking 64 oz. of water a day…
    Akaleistar recently posted…Weekend Ramblings… Vol. 3My Profile

    1. Reply

      Yeah, I don’t know what it is that makes it so difficult. It seems like such an easy task to accomplish!

  3. Reply

    You are on your game! Seriously inspiring meal plan and exercise regime. I don’t do anything of the sort, but you make it seem so satisfying, I’m very tempted to at least give some of it a go. It would certainly be nice to get a bit more organized instead of scrambling to make time to get in a good walk, or figure out something more balanced than a haphazard bowl of cereal late at nice when I realize I’m starving! There’s a lot to be said for just having a plan, period.

    1. Reply

      I agree, completely. When I’m not planning, or at least tracking, I’m off the rails. Having the Apple Watch has helped. It really does remind you to stay active, and encourages you do get more active than you already are! Every little bit helps, for sure.

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