Meal Plan Monday and Writing it All Down

Remember when I said I was going to rock out my last three pounds? And I had this great plan, and I knew that if I just followed it, I’d be home free before the end of October?

Well, I haven’t been following it.

And now I’m four pounds away from goal weight.

Meal Plan Monday -Weight Tracker

But I digress.

Instead of telling you all of the things that I plan to do, I’m going to tell you what I’ve already done.

I started meal planning. And I know I know, I’ve meal planned before. But you know when you just know things are different? You can just tell that even though you’ve done it before, this time it’s different?

Well, this time it’s different.

Enter, the written meal plan:

Meal Plan Monday - The Menu

I created this meal plan page in Procreate, and I’m using it in my digital journal.

Even though I’m still tracking my points in the Weight Watchers app, psychically writing it out, has helped change my mindset.

“Writing things down enables a higher level of thinking, and therefore, more focused action” source.

I woke up this morning, ready to tackle my set meal plan.

Meal Plan Monday- Breakfast

Prepping has also been a huge help. I prepped a big batch of steel cut oats, and 2 ingredient bagels. And last night, I prepped a big bowl of fruit salad.

Prepped oats
Prepped bagels

Recently I read a post called Some of my Favorite Daily Hacks, and even though it ended up being an ad post, one thing really resonated with me – Do things for my future self.

This small little sentiment has made me do the dishes every night. And I hate doing the dishes. But I know that a full sink staring right at me while I make my coffee and breakfast in the morning, starts the day off on the wrong foot.

Turns out, the better I am to my future self, the happier I am in the moment. Deep, huh?

Anyhoo, I wasn’t going to post about how I wasn’t following my plan, and I wasn’t going to track my weight this morning, but I know that accountability is such as important part of weight loss.

So here I am, coming clean, and making plans. And so far, it’s feeling really really good.

If you want to try my meal planner out for yourself, you can download the .png here and the .pdf here. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up for anything to get it.

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    • Mother of 3
    • October 29, 2019

    I am doing awful with tracking what I am actually eating. I plan my meals out for the day/week but it’s those little snacks here and there that are getting me. I haven’t gained (yet!) but I am definitely not losing any either. Best of luck to you on those final pounds!! I only have 4.5 left to go for WW goal but I rather stupidly set my own personal goal 5 lbs beyond that!

      • Ani
      • October 29, 2019

      Oh wow, that’s ambitious! I didn’t know that WW suggests a goal, I just picked mine because it was a number I just had stuck in my head as goal weight.

      And yeah the snacks are the hardest part. I made the mistake of buying bags of candy early for Halloween 🤦‍♀️ needless to say the peanut butter cup bag is practically empty.

      Is your goal end of year? I know you mentioned you wanted to get there before your Disney trip.

        • Mother of 3
        • October 29, 2019

        I knew that they had goal weights because my mom goes to the meetings and was told her goal weight was lower than their goal weight so she reached “lifetime” earlier than she had planned. I went online (not on my phone) under account settings when I clicked on my goal weight a little line underneath it gave a range that WW suggested as a healthy weight. My goal was in that range so I just left it alone.

        I would have had such a hard time resisting PB cups too; those are one of my all time favorites and I am craving chocolate like crazy lately.

        I don’t have an actual date for the goal but I’m thinking by New Year’s would be great and not horribly unrealistic… maybe!?

          • Ani
          • October 30, 2019

          Ah ok! I just checked mine and my goal weight is one pound below the top of their range. The bottom of the range is 101 pounds! Yikes! I haven’t been 101 pounds since elementary school, lol!

          Peanut butter and chocolate is quite possible the best food combination of all time.

          Also, New Year’s is a good goal for sure! It’s an awesome way to start the year, and for where you are, that’s totally doable! I’m pushing for you, and your progress helps me stay motivated, so I’ll definitely be following your journey!

            • Mother of 3
            • October 30, 2019

            Thank you! My eyes bugged out at the lower end of the weight range for my height as well; I can’t ever remember weighing that little.

            Off to make myself some 2 ingredient bagels and an extra batch of dough to make our 2 ingredient dough pizzas tonight.

  1. Reply

    I need your motivation so badly, Ani. Since homeschooling, my emotions have been all over the damn place and emotional eating is one of the things I do best in my life.

    I do meal plan for most of the week but I don’t always stick to it. BUT I am working out seven days a week now, so that is a very positive thing! 🙂

      • Ani
      • October 30, 2019

      Oh momma, it is taking everything I’ve got to get and stay motivated! Emotional eating is my wheelhouse. Fill the gap with chocolate and peanut butter! I just can’t stand the thought of going more than a year without reaching my goal weight, especially now that I am so close to it. And believe me, every other day I’m wondering if my goal weight is really all that important. After all, it’s just a number, lol.

      And badass! Working out seven days a week is amazing. I told myself that I would get the food thing back on track this week, and then next week I really need to start working out again. You should write a post about the physical stuff you are doing, so I can use it as motivation to get my ass in gear!

    • john
    • November 14, 2019

    thank you so much share the blog Working out seven days a week is amazing. I told myself that I would get the food thing back on track this week,now is

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