8 things that Helped Me Lose 15 Pounds – Fitness Friday #8

My weigh in on Monday was for 148, however when I weighed myself on Wednesday I was down to 147, which is 15 pounds down! 15 pounds down and 12 more to go!

I wanted to put together a list of things that have helped me lose 15 pounds, including food to always have on hand, and practices that have made this whole thing doable.

Always have a protein bar within reach

No joke, I never leave the house without a protein bar in my bag or pocket. My protein bar of choice is this Kirkland brand, either cookie dough or brownie.

These protein bars will save you from crappy food choices when you are out and hungry. They will also get you through sugar cravings; I cut them up into a bunch of little pieces, and it’s like eating brownie bites!

You can read my review of protein bars here, including my two other favorite.

Go For Bulk when Meal Planning

I am still using Weight Watchers, and it has taught me how to bulk up on fruits and veggies with every meal. Especially avocado, did you know that eating avocado with meals helps you stay fuller longer? Plus they are delicious.

8 things that Have Helped me Lose 15 Pounds - Fitness Friday #8
This includes cauliflower, asparagus, portobello mushrooms, spinach, avocado, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries! Also half a bagel and two eggs. Together it was only 7 points.

The idea here is to be as full as you can with as little caloric and fat content. Avocado and eggs are good fats, and on Weight Watchers eggs are zero points. The bagel above wasn’t a great choice, but it just looked so good I had to have it!

Eat the Things You Love, Just Eat Less at a Time

When I’ve dieted in the past, I’ve cut out all the unhealthy things I used to eat. Inevitably, I’d get bitter that I couldn’t eat what I liked, and I’d break the diet making it that much harder to get back on track.

This time around, I’m allowing myself to eat my favorite foods, but I’m super aware of how much I’m eating.

This is my best example:

This is one of my favorite breakfasts, from a local Diner called Johanna’s in New Milford, CT (the other Stars Hollow). I ate half of the meal shown, and I tracked it all, and didn’t look back. A meal like this isn’t going to throw me off my game, and it’s not going to make me feel guilty. I’m going to enjoy every bite of it, stop halfway through it, and call it a day.

Track your Steps and Activity

Just do this. For real, it will make such a difference. I use my Apple watch, but you can use your phone. If you’ve got an Apple phone, you can use the Health app, and if you’ve got an Android you can use Google Fit.

This has made a huge difference for me. When I try to close all of my rings, which means burning a certain amount of calories, standing a certain amount of the day, and exercising for 30 minutes, my weight loss goes so much faster.

8 things that Have Helped me Lose 15 Pounds - Fitness Friday #8

Also, about the Apple Watch, it’s expensive. And because of the cost, I was super reluctant to buy one. But now that I have one, I will never go without a smart watch. It is super helpful to have a watch that can tell you when to stand up, how many calories you’ve burned, and how many hours you’ve slept, while allowing you to text and take calls. It has freed me from having my phone in my hand at all times. Such a game changer.

Find Your Healthy Favorites

I’ve started eating quite a few new foods this year, include roll ups instead of bread, Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss instead of American cheese, riced cauliflower as a bowl base for breakfast instead of bread, and spaghetti squash instead of pasta.

These favorites have changed my taste preferences and cravings. Most days for breakfast I want a big bowl of veggies as opposed to a bready sandwich or bagel. And bagels were my jam! Or egg and cheese on a hard roll? So good. Now, I barely crave those things.

Tell Everyone About your Journey. Everyone!

One of the great things about Weight Watchers is Connect, their online community. I try to get on there at least once a day, and when I need inspiration, I reach out to this group. When I feel like my weight loss is going too slow, I reach out. And the people there are so supportive!

8 things that Have Helped me Lose 15 Pounds - Fitness Friday #8

Also, be that guy, take pictures of your food and share them. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m a fan of posting pics of my healthy foods. I even created a second Instagram dedicated solely to healthy foods.

Don’t go this journey alone. The more you talk to people about it, the more accountable you make yourself. The more pics you share of your food, the more you will want to make your food healthy and beautiful.

True story, I started using the bowls in my pics because they are very Insta-worthy, and now I use them exclusively because they look good to me. And the better your food looks, the more you’re going to want to eat it. It’s a small change, but it makes a big impact.

Let Yourself Slip Up

The other day I dropped my mom off at the airport, and I had my daughter in tow, and I was just feeling crappy. She kept asking me for water, so I stopped at a grocery store. Honestly I stopped because I really wanted kettle chips, a weakness of mine.

I got her some snacks and a water, and I got myself a bag of kettle chips and a Kit Kat. And I ate the whole bag, and the whole Kat. I didn’t feel bad about it, even though I knew it was not on track with my new way of eating. I wanted it, and I let myself have it.

If you are going to break the diet, just break it. Don’t feel guilty, don’t beat yourself up, enjoy the indulgence and get back on track.

Try Intermittent Fasting

I wrote about Intermittent Fasting in my last Fitness Friday post. It has changed my life. Literally. My mood, my body, my energy levels, everything has changed.

And believe me, I was very skeptical of it. But I jumped in and gave it a shot, and here’s proof that it works. Last week I went over my points by more than 44, and I still lost a pound.

8 things that Have Helped me Lose 15 Pounds - Fitness Friday #8


These are my tips and tricks I used to lose 15 pounds, but losing weight is hard, I’m not going to lie to you. There are weeks that are easy, and weeks that feel outright impossible. But it’s a journey. There are very few journeys that reach their destination directly without taking any turns.

Be good to yourself and you’ll get through it. Don’t give up! It’s so easy to give up, and go back to the way you were, but you don’t want that! Imagine how good it will feel to reach your goal! Imagine how you will look at yourself in the mirror, how clothes shopping will feel, how much more energy you will have, how much healthier you’ll be! So many rewards!

You got this! I got this! We got this together! And yes, I just quoted My Little Pony #noregrets.

How are you doing with your weight loss goals? Are you struggling? Are you sticking to it? Have you tried Intermittent Fasting yet?!

8 things that Have Helped me Lose 15 Pounds - Fitness Friday #8
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  1. Reply

    You and I should try one of those diet bet challenges. I am motivated by cold hard cash and I need to get off this food fest I am apparently on.

    Also, I need those protein bars and I just got a Costco membership!

    1. Reply

      How do we join a diet bet challenge? We wouldn’t be betting each other, would we? And let me know if you try the protein bars! I really love them, they’ve ruined me for all other protein bars.

    • Mother of 3
    • April 6, 2019

    I haven’t yet found a protein bar I like but I definitely plan my days meals and snacks all at once in the morning (making sure to leave a little wiggle room). I’ve also cut out all snacking after dinner (which for us is usually around 6) and rarely eat breakfast before 8. Your blog is the one that finally spurned me on to join Weight Watchers and in just under two weeks I’ve lost just over 5 lbs. so thank you! I started writing a Weigh in Wednesday post that I shared this week and will share every two weeks (unless I think weekly would serve me and my readers better; we’ll see). So far I’m not finding it too tough to stick to with all the zero point food options. I even managed to eat out without derailing any progress!

    1. Reply

      I hate almost all protein bars, and at this point, Costco brand are literally the only ones I’ll eat. I’m bummed that I can only find two flavors though, I know they have a peanut butter one because I found one in a random shop in an Orlando hotel!

      Not snacking at night has been such a game changer for me. I used to eat until I went to bed, and I think it was really taking its toll on my weight loss.

      It makes me so happy to hear that my blog had a part to play in your joining Weight Watchers. I read your WIW post and I’m so excited to join your journey. It honestly made me think of changing my series from Fitness Friday, since I don’t really write about fitness. But then I told myself that I should be working more on my fitness and hopefully the FF posts will inspire me to do that. I know yours do! You’re so active!

      I love meals of zero point foods. I’ve started eating veggie bowls, and they are so satisfying without adding to my point count!

        • Mother of 3
        • April 11, 2019

        Thanks so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home today; this post will definitely be one of my features favorites next week!

        1. Reply

          Thank you so much! That honestly means the world to me!

  2. Reply

    These are great tips! I almost always have a protein bar with me šŸ™‚
    Akaleistar recently posted…Maple-Bacon Scones (Glossies Made Me Do It!)My Profile

    1. Reply

      Thank you! And I’m glad I’m not the only one! What is your favorite brand? I’m always looking for good protein bars, since most I’ve tried have been so terrible!

      1. Reply

        I like KIND Breakfast Protein and thinkThin High Protein Bar.
        Akaleistar recently posted…Maple-Bacon Scones (Glossies Made Me Do It!)My Profile

        1. Reply

          I love Kind bars and I’ve had the ThinkThink Mint Chocolate and it was actually pretty good. I totally forgot about those!

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