How to Get Over 1,500 Likes on Your Instagram Photo!

I recently posted this photo on Instagram:

How to Get Over 1,500 Likes on Your Instagram Photo!
I’ve been taking photos for a blog since I started one seven years ago, and it wasn’t until I bought these lights (affiliate link) that I finally was able to get them to look the way I wanted.

That, right there, is a photo of the February Boho Berry Box (BBB), in all of it’s glory. Listen, if you haven’t purchased this box, and you’re a journaler, do yourself a favor and get it! Go ahead and use this link, I’ll wait…

As a side note, you can check out my unboxing of the February BBB in the video below. Though, if you want to head over to my channel and subscribe, it would seriously make my day!

Back to Instagram. I posted this picture on Instagram and it currently has 27 likes. That’s about average for me since I only have 144 followers, and I really just started getting into the groove of posting regularly.

So how did this photo get over 1,500 likes?

It was reposted by Kara at Boho Berry:

Now, I won’t say that seeing my photo get this much attention on someone else’s Instagram doesn’t slightly bruise my ego, because that would be a lie. I mean seriously, that’s like a million percent more than mine. I’m not great at math.

I’ve thought about this a lot in the last few days, and I’m not jealous. Not in like a, I’m saying I’m not jealous because I want you to think I’m not, even though deep down it’s eating me alive. It really isn’t! I try not get caught up with other people’s success, I try learn from it and use it to help me grow.

I’ve learned that wanting what others have, without putting in the work and trying to actually make it happen, only leads to that horrible feeling of not being good enough. I can’t compare myself to Kara, because she’s been active for the last five years. And she works her tail off!

Also, she’s inspiring, and creative. And when I met her, she told me, “I’m just a regular person” when I told her that I was a total fan girl. Oddly enough, I think being able to hang out with Gilmore Girls actors helped as well.

We’re all just people, and we are all working toward our own goals.

That’s why I set up my goals for the year. I know that if I want something bad enough, I have to work hard enough to make it happen. And I’m doing it.

My blog and social media stats are growing and I’m on the verge of opening my own Etsy shop. I’ve lost ten pounds and I’m working out and eating better than ever before. These are all things that I’ve seen others do, and have wanted for myself.

And I know that at some point, I will inspire someone to reach their own goals, and they’ll look at my work and say ‘wow, I want to be like that.’ Just the idea of that, is so freakin exciting!

I’m not immune though, there are times when I see someone on a fancy beach, or someone else who gets sponsored by a company I really like, or I visit a blog post overflowing with comments, and I think ‘why not me?’ But I catch myself and try desperately to change the narrative.

I am inspired by others, and if I read your blog, or watch your YouTube, or follow you on Instagram, I am inspired by you!

As another side note, thank you for reading and following and helping me reach my goals this year! I honestly could not do it without you!

What inspires you? Do you fall into the trap of ‘why not me’? How do you change the narrative in your head?

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  1. Reply

    See what I took away from this post?
    THIS is why I don’t have 1500 likes on any of my posts either.
    Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Big Blue WallMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thank you!!! Hahaha this is also why I love you!

  2. Reply

    Well she does have like a gazillion followers so she would get more likes. Either way it is a nice photo
    Alice v recently posted…Easy Workout Ideas for Flexibility and HealthMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thanks Alice! And for real! On every single platform! She’s a social media magician, lol.

  3. Reply

    Numbers like that truly boggle my mind. I’m endlessly struggling to build my following, cultivate interaction, and form real connections… It’s so frustrating that at the end of the day, it’s really about who you know, not what you do. I can’t seem to make any progress forward for social media prowess. Ugh!
    Hannah recently posted…Stella! Hey, Stella!My Profile

    1. Reply

      Me too! It’s constant work to amass a following, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. In all honesty, to get to that level I think you have to hire a VA to manage content for you. On a side note, your stuff is amazing, you should have a million followers!

  4. Reply

    Ugh it’s that awful, ugly voice in my head, and honestly the pursuit of perfection. Working on both of those. Excited to see what’s in your Etsy shop!

    1. Reply

      I totally get that! I’ve been getting good at pushing that voice aside and turning into a learning tool. If I love something I try to figure out why, and what I can do to emulate it. So far it’s been really helping me to establish my own style.

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