January Recap: The Start of Something Good

One of my favorite series to join is the What’s New With You Link Up, from See You in a Porridge, because it pushes me to look back on my month, and appreciate the little things.

Here’s how January played out:

Jack Turned Seven!

Jack was a New Year’s baby, born at 4:02 pm on January First. Every year we celebrate his birthday on the first, and this year we got to do it with our whole family. In the morning we took my side of the family to the movies to see Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. Then when we got home, Eric’s side of the family was there to greet us for our Spider-Man party.

If you haven’t seen Into the Spider-Verse, do yourself a favor, and go see it. I’ve seen it three times already, and I literally just stopped typing to find out when it comes out on DVD so I can see it again.

January Recap: The Start of Something Good
This is me dressed up as Doctor Octopus, attacking my nieces and nephews with pool noodles my robot arms while they sprayed me with silly string webs
January Recap: The Start of Something Good
This was when the defeated me. My daughter was suuuuuper upset, and literally talked about how she didn’t want the kids to destroy her mother, for weeks. Weeks!
January Recap: The Start of Something Good
A part of the movie centers around spray painting, so Eric got four trifold poster boards and taped them together, and then we covered the front with brick contact paper. We also got Jack a Crayola Airbrush, which felt a lot like pretend spray paint!
January Recap: The Start of Something Good
My little Spider-Man.

Jack and Lorelai got Tortured by the Dentist

It was Lorelai’s first time at the dentist, and she was cool as a cucumber. Jack, on the other hand, had 8 cavities! I had a lot of dental work when I was a kid, so watching Jack get his cavities filled was both traumatic for the kids and for me 🙁

January Recap: The Start of Something Good

I have pictures of Jack as well, but honestly who wants to see pictures of a seven year old getting tortured?

We went to the Women’s March

In all honesty, Eric pushed to do this more than I did. Not that I don’t appreciate the importance of the movement, it was just super cold that day, and we had a Tae Kwon Do event shortly after it. Plus the march in CT was an hour away! I know, lame excuses, but I own it.

Eric has taken our daughter to the Women’s March every year, and this year was not going to be an exception.

January Recap: The Start of Something Good

We had a beautiful Winter storm

I know it sounds like a conflict of terms, but seriously, look at these pictures.

January Recap: The Start of Something Good
January Recap: The Start of Something Good

Have I ever told you how much I love my house?

I Started Weight Watchers and Lorelai Started Ballet

You can read all about my Weight Watchers journey so far on my Weight Loss page! I lost 10 pounds in January! I’ll give you a sneak peak, here’s what I’ve been eating:

And of course my Skinny French Toast and Healthy Lemon Cake!

This Skinny French Toast is Weight Watchers friendly but it sure doesn't taste healthy! It's the perfect weekend breakfast, for staying satisfied and staying on track!
The Lemon Soaked Bread that I made last year inspired this Weight Watchers friendlier, Healthy Lemon cake. With this cake, you can eat the whole thing for only 7 Weight Watchers Smart Points, or you can have half for only 4. I recently posted a response to TBB Asks, about my love language; ‘4 point desserts’ is definitely speaking my love language.


Overall January was a great start to the new year. I lost ten pounds on Weight Watchers, my kids started new adventures, and we made it through some blistery weather. All that good stuff made the hard stuff more bearable. Though I may still be shell shocked from the dentistry!

Tell me about a highlight from your January?

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    So many things don’t know where to start.
    First, you are THE coolest mom/aunt in the world. For real. Can my daughters adopt you as their aunt?
    Second, YOUR DAUGHTER IS NAMED LORELAI???? I don’t think I could love you more than at this moment.

    1. Reply

      Ha! Thanks girl. My husband always thinks this stuff up, then I come in and kick it up a notch. And yes! I will take them, I love being an aunt! And yes! If my son had been born a girl, HE would have been Lorelai. The name was happening no matter what! Honesty she is such a Lorelai, I couldn’t have named her anything more suiting. She’s such a wild child, and she is the loudest little girl I’ve ever met!

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    Wow, congrats on losing 10lbs! That’s no mean feat. Those recipes look delicious, totally checking them out. Also those winter pictures are so pretty!
    Rachel recently posted…Thoughts on my first return to the UKMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much Rachel! I hope you enjoy the recipes you try! They are getting me through this cold, gloomy, Winter.

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