Is Blogging Dead?

Is Blogging Dead?

I started blogging when I was pregnant with my son, over six years ago. When I started, blogs were all the rage, especially mommy blogs. But something has changed, especially since I’ve been out of the game for two and a half years. Things…feel different. It makes me wonder, is blogging dead?

Why Blogging Feels Dead

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First and foremost, almost every blog post I read is sponsored. Just today, I read a recipe sponsored by a date company, another by a nut company, and three others sponsored by the writers own ‘life-changing program.’ And I get it, I used to make money blogging, writing sponsored posts, and working with companies, and I get that writers need to make money, but I just cringe a little when I see those little words “this post sponsored by…” And my bullshit meter goes off in full detection mode.

No one comments any more!

OK, not no one. I’m someone and you’re someone (ps – I super love it when you comment, it makes me feel less like I’m talking to myself), but I’m seeing fewer comments on less popular blogs than I used to. Blogging used to feel more like an ongoing conversation, even on smaller blogs, but now a lot of the blogs I visit get little to no commentors.

I had a discussion with some bloggers recently about this, and they said that they no longer comment. They said that when they want to interact with content, they’ll do it on social media. What are your thoughts on this one?

Where have all the Tweeters gone?

This one is site specific, but I used to be a part of the SITS Sharefest every Saturday at 10am EST, and it used to be so popular that the hashtag would trend during the hour long party, and the Tweets would come in so fast it was almost impossible to catch up. Now it’s usually me, and one or two other people struggling to think of things to talk about. And the moderator, bless her heart, tries but the engagement is just not there.

Instagram, and microblogging, are easier and dare I say, more fun?

Instagram is my new favorite place to be, online. Facebook is full of downers, it’s politically charged, and some folks are downright nutty. And Twitter is fun, but it makes my blood pressure spike if I linger too long. Instagram, on the other hand, is my happy place. I have made such great connections there (check out @chocmusings) and I legitimately love the community. Also, it feels like old times sharing content that others like and interact with.

Side note on this one – I am part of a vegan FB group, and I asked one of the members if they had a blog, since their photography was really enticing, and they literally laughed and said, that they didn’t’ have a blog but they had an Instagram account. Talk about feeling old fashioned!

Who has the time?

When I’m really in it, blogging takes a lot of time. Whether it’s editing pictures, sharing content, working on a social media strategy, or writing copy, it takes precious time, that I just don’t have that much of. Hence why my last post was posted over two weeks ago.

On the Other Hand…

I love to write and I always have. I have been writing my entire life, and I really enjoy it. I’ve loved the time I’ve spent blogging, and when it’s good, it’s really really good. So I’m not going to stop, I just need to reacquaint myself with this new iteration of blogging. It’s so different from what I remember two and a half years ago. Maybe I’m becoming a curmudgeony old lady who resists change.

Or maybe I just need a good kick in the ass.

Either way, I won’t be going anywhere, and I’ve actually started some side projects that I’m super excited about. One of them is a site called Vegan Spotting, where I’ll be posting vegan restaurant, product, and recipe reviews. I’m also working on a site dedicated to bullet journaling and another related to a big life change on the horizon.

The Moral of the Story

Maybe blogging’s not dead, it’s just different than I remember. And that’s OK. I’m not above learning something new, or adjusting to a new surrounding. I’ll be posting more content here, as well as in my other web spaces, and I’m looking forward to bringing back that community feeling. I’d love to hear your input on this topic, especially if you are blogger who has been blogging for a while.

What are your thoughts on blogs and blogging? Have you noticed the change?

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  1. Instagram is my favorite place to be now too. I do also still enjoy blogging and enjoy engaging with other like minded bloggers. I do think there are lots of sponsored posts around but the cost of blogging is also expensive. I personally try to limit my sponsored posts to things I really use or would use.
    Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner recently posted…5 Layer Mediterranean Rice Dip Meatless MondayMy Profile

    1. Reply

      I think that’s a great way to be regarding sponsored posts. If you use something and love it, post about it! There are definitely brands that I would love to work with. I followed a blog a while ago that converted to almost exclusively sponsored posts, and I had to stop reading it. It was like watching non stop commercials.

      I agree that blogging can get expensive and I certainly don’t fault anyone for trying to make money doing what they love. It’s a slippery slope though and keeping a balance between business and pleasure is important.

      I’m excited to re-immerse myself into the blogosphere though. Also, I followed you on Instagram!

  2. Reply

    Ani, I don’t think blogging is dead but I see how it can seem that way to some. It is harder to get ranked in google then it was back in the day and there is just so much content on the web to read.
    I think social media is a great way to connect with readers but many (including myself) like to go to a blog to find out more about the person behind the posts on social media.
    Something I think people forget is that when you only use social media you are relying on someone else’s platform. Should it go away, your business goes away. Not to mention, it is harder to build an email list without a blog. Email is still a viable way to communicate with people.

    It does get a little exhausting keeping a blog updated but I’m finally after 3 years becoming profitable.
    Blogging for an income is a marathon, for sure! I look forward to checking out your side projects.

    1. Reply

      I agree, blogging definitely helps you to get to know someone better. I love when blogging offers a peak into someone’s life and routine.

      I was thinking about what you said regarding the social media platform, and I agree. I thought about switching to Tumblr, but didn’t like the idea of not owning my content. I guess it’s like owning and renting a house. Here on WordPress on my blog I can decorate however I want, haha.

      Congratulations on becoming profitable! I ran a blog for four years and made around $2.50!

      Thanks for connecting! I followed you back on Instagram!

  3. Reply

    I agree with you on all of these and I am guilty of writing sponsored posts here and there. But I literally have a post in the hopper about bloggers writing crap for free that you might love. It won’t publish for months of course because I have a couple sponsored posts to write so……;)

    The commenting thing is what is hardest for me. I feel like no one is reading (even though my stats tell me otherwise) when no one comments. I need to stop feeling like that. But I comment on others because I know how good it makes me feel when people engage with my posts. As far as social media, I do have conversations there too but I feel like leaving a blog comment feels more personal if that makes any sense.

    Twitter. OH DO I MISS 2011 Twitter. I had a girl gang that was fierce and protective. I have six Facebook (personal profile, mind you) friends from that time period whom I met on Twitter. Now it’s just Trump, taxes, and memes.

    1. Reply

      Believe me, if someone like Daily Burn came to me and said they’d give me free monthly service for reviews, I would write the reviews. It’s a natural part of the gig, and I don’t think any of us are immune.

      And yes, about the comments! When I don’t get comments, I feel like I can actually hear the crickets chirping. Tap, tap, tap, is this thing on? I like to comment as well for that exact reason, I LOVE getting comments. And btw, you are an awesome commenter!

      Twitter for me is either political or jokes. The jokes are what is right with the world, and lure me into a sense of security, and then I get sucked into the political darkness. It gets ugly. That’s awesome that you were able to establish some real friendships from it back in the day.

  4. Reply

    It definitely changes and evolves with time, but it’s definitely not dead. I’m a fan of microblogging too. Faster, and I get more comments on IG than on my blog any day.

    1. Reply

      Yes, the comments on Instagram, and the interaction in general, are way more frequent and dependable than blog posts. But I get why, it’s so much easier to access a ton of content from different people all at once.
      Ani Kay recently posted…Is Blogging Dead?My Profile

  5. I’m right there with you on the commenting! I love commenting and it makes me feel like my blogging actually has a purpose! While I’m a newer blogger, I have noticed so much more interaction on social media, but it doesn’t have the same impact to me! So, for now, I will continue commenting!
    Kelsey | Precious & Petite recently posted…7 Positives of Infertility + Cycle UpdateMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Comments are my favorite. I’ll take comments on my blog vs Instagram any day! And I’m with you, I’m going to keep commenting, because I feel like it keeps the conversation going and makes the blogosphere feel more like a community.

  6. Reply

    I am very interested in understanding more about this. I’m glad that I am not the only one feeling like there is less engagement than there used to be. I am a new blogger myself. I get decent traffic, but hardly any comments. I love to engage in discussion, but it seems that there isn’t much of that anymore.
    Elizabeth Auwarter recently posted…How to Silence the Inner CriticMy Profile

    1. Reply

      I don’t understand why you people visit blogs and read posts without posting. I mean, I get that we are all busy, but I’ll revisit a blog if I don’t have time to comment in the moment. I love the input and the engagement of it.

  7. Reply

    I hope blogging is not dead lol. Great article. I just started my blog in September 2017. It is difficult to stay consistent but a must if you want to see success. I find that social media sucks alot of your time. I think the speed that everyone is moving it is a tough nut to crack. What I mean is that grabbing people’s attention right now is crazy. I think a blog should be a part of a long term strategy and a tool from your arsenal. BtW, I don’t like the fact that people don’t comment on blogs. Last I checked this is still a way to engage and create backlinks to your site. Welcome back and good luck in the blogging world.

    1. Reply

      I agree! I don’t like that people don’t comment either. I see traffic & newsletter subscriptions, so they must want something….but no comments. It’s nice to have someone to talk back to sometimes!
      Tricia Murdock recently posted…April Pre-Planning: How I Plan Each Month {+Video)My Profile

    2. Reply

      Thank you Alexander! It feels good to be back! I do think there is still a place for blogs, and I enjoy writing and reading content. Who knows maybe we’ll start a commenting movement! I have been trying to ween off of social media, unless it is for something productive. And you are spot on that it’s all about speed, blogging is slower than Instagram and Twitter. But it does help you better understand a person and their story.

  8. Reply

    I’m new to the blogging game, but just based on how many support groups and articles on how to start a blog in 2018 that I see…it seems like there’s still a market for bloggers to share their tips with the world. Or maybe I’m just convincing myself since my goal is to do exactly that for hand lettering — share tips. Good luck to all!
    Margaret Stewart recently posted…Watch Me Letter! “Good Coffee Makes Everything Better” Handlettering Video TutorialMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Margaret I love lettering blogs! And those are the only ones that I visit from Instagram. I’ll see something interesting and the description will say “link of supplies on the blog” and I’ll click on over to see more about how the picture was made and what tools were used. I definitely think there is still a place for tutorials and skill sharing 🙂

  9. Reply

    Instagram is absolutely one of my places too. It’s good people like you that make it enjoyable. I sure hope blogging isn’t dead, but if it is, I’ll have to figure out some other way of putting my thoughts out into the world. With social media ebbs and flows and our waning attention spans, perhaps the blog needs to change with it too. #deepthoughts Hope you have a good week!
    Tricia Murdock recently posted…April Pre-Planning: How I Plan Each Month {+Video)My Profile

    1. Reply

      Hahah I love this, Tricia! I like the combination of Instagram and blogging, I think they can work together really well. And I agree I think blogging has to change with time, hopefully the lack of comments isn’t the change 🙂

  10. Blogging isn’t dead. But a lot of people are doing it who have no clue.
    It’s becoming spammy and commercial though.
    Too many low quality blog posts. No value, cookie-cutter style.
    Big headlines that don’t deliver.

    1. Reply

      I agree, I love reading genuine content. Blog posts where you can really hear the writer’s natural voice, and they are talking about things that they are legitimately interested in or passionate about. I’m ok with sponsored content, as long as it’s not the only thing the site is turning out.

  11. Reply

    It is not dead, I think there are still a few people who find reading interesting, we are in a time where a picture speaks more than what’s written. I love Instagram it is an instant result. I feel you on no comments point.

    1. Reply

      I still love reading blogs, and I am definitely more engrossed when there are pictures. Though my own blog is more written word than pictures. I am looking to find a nice balance between Instagram – all pictures, and my blog – which has less pictures. I’m trying to focus on what feels natural.

  12. Reply

    I’ve been blogging for almost nine years and have noticed a change. But, I don’t think it’s dead.
    I wish people would go back to commenting on blogs more often, rather on other channels.
    I’m fairly new to Instagram so I’m not much into it right now.
    Terra Heck recently posted…Three Bridges Pasta: When Gourmet Meets “Good To Go”My Profile

    1. Reply

      I’m curious to know why people don’t comment as much any more. I don’t know if it’s just considered outdated, or if they are commenting other places and don’t want to do it when they get to the blog. I honestly have no idea.

      Instagram is great. I was very reluctant for a very long time, but once I dove into it I fell in love. My best advice for Instagram is to use a ton of hashtags, it’s the best way to get your content seen.

  13. Reply

    First time visitor (sent by Kari)-I started blogging eight years ago and it seems like at least 75% of the bloggers that I had connected with just aren’t here anymore. I feel like I did when my second child started preschool–how do I make new friends with the people in this line (but at least we were all stuck in line together–the Internet isn’t quite as obvious).

    1. Reply

      Awesome! Thank you so much for stopping by! And I heart Kari, for real. I feel you. I started blogging six years ago, and I stopped for two. Since getting back into it, I have found that many of the folks I used to chat with, are no longer active. And one or two of them were ones I really enjoyed, and am super bummed about losing. I had a good group, and I am with you, I don’t know how to get that started up again. Feeling like I have to invoke my inner Mr. Rogers and just ask folks if they want to be my neighbor!

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  16. Reply

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment on my post about blogging!! I see that by this post , you were feeling many of the same things!!

    1. Reply

      Yes, I am definitely feeling it! But blogs like yours keep me going strong. As long as there is a community out there, I want to be a part of it. And I’m glad I can find genuine voices, still telling their truth.

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