How to Get Out of a Funk – What I Say and What They Say

I’ve been in a funk recently. I think I’m having a hard time adjusting back from traveling. It’s a very strange thing to go from planes, rental cars, and new settings, to being home and in constant interactions of three other human beings.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s the good kind of strange. I love being home. I love being able to go food shopping for the week, knowing that I’m going to be home to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I love seeing my kids in the morning and throughout the day.

But it is hard to go from my lone traveling, where I keep to myself, and spend most of my travel day not uttering a single sentence, to constant talking, wrestling, meal making, cleaning, and basic parenting and working.

I decided to do some research on getting out of a funk, and I found some things that I think will actually work.

Happiness is a Choice

How to Get Out of a Funk - What I Say and What They Say - Choice

High Existence says that the number one thing you can do to get out of a funk is to choose to be happy.

“Happiness is a choice. If you’re unhappy right now, it’s because of the things you choose to think about. And you have the power to change that instantly.” – High Existence

I actually agree with this. Most things in life are a choice, to an extent. I am saying this from a place of a certain amount of privilege though, and I’m very much aware of that. Not everyone has a choice about everything. I have a husband, a house, a support system of friends and family, a higher education, and many other things that allow me to make choices easier than someone who does have all of that.

When I am in a funk, I need to remind myself that I have the choice to get out of it. But it’s hard to make that choice. It’s hard not to wallow in it and feel like I don’t have a choice.

Keep Something You Love Handy

How to Get Out of a Funk - What I Say and What They Say - Box of Joy refers to this as a talisman.

“Find a physical object that you puts you in a happy, energized state.” –

I was in a Dialectic Behavioral Therapy group once, and we talked about a comfort box. Essentially it’s a box filled with things that you can touch, or smell, or somehow interact with, to put you in a better place. I started brainstorming to see what I’d put in my box:

  • Rose Oil – I love the smell of rose, it’s one of my favorite scents
  • Guitar pick – As a reminder to play music; playing music always gets my head right
  • Granny Square – My mom recently made me a granny square blanket, and it is now one of my favorite possessions
  • Fountain Pen – Nothing makes me want to journal more than a fountain pen
  • Travel Keepsakes – There are a few places I’ve been that make me happy when I think back on them; London, Nashville, the PCT and CDT, to name a few

Admit it!

How to Get Out of a Funk - What I Say and What They Say - Admit it says that you have to acknowledge your funk, call it what it is, and own it.

“Researchers have found that when we’re feeling any kind of negative emotion we can make it less severe by acknowledging it and labeling it.” –

I agree with this as well, and it’s something Eric and I have been working on. Whenever I’m upset, he always thinks it’s because of something he’s done (poor thing), and I tell him, it’s not, I’m just in a funk.

A funk is a very distinct feeling. It’s a little bit of depression, a little bit of disappointment, a little bit of exhaustion, lack of motivation, hunger for snacks and sweets, maybe a touch of anxiety, and also a general desire to be left alone.

What does a funk feel like to you?

Go Outside and Move

How to Get Out of a Funk - What I Say and What They Say - Get outside states that to get out of a funk, you need to get outside and take a walk. Get your body moving and breathing in oxygen.

“Exercising increases the oxygen available to your brain, and helps you to solve problems. So when you feel stuck or overwhelmed, take some time to see something beautiful, breathe deeply and move your body outside.” –

I completely agree with this. When I get outside, and get moving, I feel different. My body feels different, and it convinces my head to feel different. The hard part is pushing through the funk to actually get outside.

That Being Said

It’s easy to find ways to get out of a funk, the hard part is the execution. Having the tools is a huge help, and even writing about it has helped. The bottom line is that funks will happen no matter what, they are a part of life. Acknowledging the funk, and working through it is the hard part, and the part that deserves the most effort.

How do you get out of a funk? Have you tried any of these methods?

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    • Mother of 3
    • July 19, 2019

    I find getting out in nature is a big one for me and also trying to slowly change the way I think. I find focusing on what is good and going right in my life helps too.

    1. Reply

      I agree, I literally always feel better when I get outside. Especially when I’m working out. It’s crazy, every time I’m out there, I am always shocked at why I don’t do it more. It’s like I instantly forget as soon as the next day starts. Though, you really have been an inspiration for me on that front. I love seeing your outdoor adventures!

      I have a gratitude log in my bullet journal and fill out at least one thing each day, which does help. I really do have so much good and right in my life, taking the time to appreciate it is so important, and I try to do it more often than not.

  1. Reply

    OMG I am pinning this for winter, when I really REALLY get into a funk. This is full of good stuff, so it will help me immensely.

    Also, booze helps a tiny bit. I AM NOT A LIFE COACH. 🙂
    Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Where Do You Wanna Go?My Profile

    1. Reply

      Hahahaha! And yeah, I’m going to have to check back here in the Winter too. I always get in such a funk in the Winter. Let’s do a weekly series in the Winter to fight the funk!

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