Gilmore Girls – I’m Totally A Luke, All This Time I Thought I was a Lorelai

I started watching Gilmore Girls just before the seventh season. I would rent the DVDs from Netflix, three at a time, this was before they had streaming, and if you wanted to watch a series you’d have to rent the DVDs and you could only rent three at a time. I want to say there […]

Exercise + Nutrition

Fitness Friday #2 – Couch to 5K – #atlsfitnessfriday

Another week down on Weight Watchers! I’m really excited about the progress I made, and believe it or not the second week was easier than the first! Also, I started Couch to 5K, and that was not easy, like at all. Here’s how it all shook out. Weight Loss 5.6 pounds down so far! I’m […]


Skinny French Toast – Weight Watchers Friendly

This French toast is only 5 points for three slices, which is amazing. Ah-mazing! If you add a light maple syrup, you’ll add another point, for a 6 point breakfast. Not too shabby, huh? Jump to Recipe My goal with Weight Watchers is to reach my ideal weight, keep it for six weeks, and achieve […]