Suffering From Serious Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Withdrawal

I’ve been quiet over the last two weeks, and although that is quite normal for me and my fickle writing style, I have a good excuse for this most recent absence. I was volunteering at my favorite event of the year, the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest. And this year, I got to attend two festivals.

I’ll be honest, sitting at my desk yesterday, putting together a PowerPoint for my job, felt like a mighty fall from the grace of rubbing elbows with the stars in Kent CT and Unionville ON.

I’d like to write about how wonderful it was, and how the memories of each event will stay with me. But I just can’t find the words right now. I’m still in a daze, and suffering from major withdrawal.

So instead, I’m going to share my pictorial journey with you. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the world of the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest.

Side note – the pictures I get at these events are always a little random because I’m literally running around like crazy all day, with events, driving, and volunteer stuff.

Kent, CT

Gilmore Girls Fan Fest merch table
The iced chai from Kent Coffee and Chocolate has become a tradition for these festivals. I only live 35 minutes away from Kent, but I’ll only get this drink during the festival. It’s so good.
Gilmore Girls quote cards
Gilmore Girls pins
Gilmore Girls pins
Gilmore Girls red vines
Gilmore Girls fan fest mug
Rini Bell Soap
Rini Bell Soap
Rini Bell Soap
Rini Bell Soap
Gilmore girls fan fest - Washington Depot
This is in Washington Depot, the original Stars Hollow. This is where Amy Sherman-Palladino apparently went for Gilmore Girls inspiration.
Gilmore girls fan fest - Team Dean
Because Eric is team Dean.
Gilmore girls fan fest - New Milford
This is in New Milford, my Stars Hollow.
New Milford Gazebo
Emily Kuroda
Just hanging with Mrs. Kim (Emily Kuroda).
Stan Zimmerman
The amazing Stan Zimmerman, he wrote “Normal Mailer, I’m Pregnant” and “Pulp Friction”.

Unionville, ON

Gilmore girls fan fest - Unionville
Inner Ms. Patty
In true Ms. Patty fashion, me and another volunteer Mari (my GGFFBFF) watched the construction crew erect the tent.
Original Luke's Diner
This is the original Luke’s from the pilot. There is rumor that it is now an unsavory massage parlor.
Original Luke's Diner
Valerie's Scream!
This is a hat that I got from Valerie Campbell, the Costume Supervisor on Gilmore Girls. She has the most amazing cast and set stories. Also, her ice cream is amazing.
Valerie's Pumpkin chocolate fudge scream!
This is a recipe from her book.
The girls watching the Girls. We were drinking wine and coming up with trivia questions.
I am addicted to nitro cold brew at Starbucks. I don’t normally do caffeine, but I make an exception for this coffee. You don’t need creamer, it’s so smooth.
Getting artsy now.
My momma, the queen of registration.
The Scott Patterson meet and greet. It was an hour and half meeting with around 1,000 people. Such a rush!
Todd Lowe and Nick Holmes…just chillin.
The ever sweet George Bell. I love this man. He is another one with amazing stories; he has all the good dirt!

I loved these last two weeks more than I can express. I swear these events are life changing.

I’m a part of a few groups on Facebook from the event and I am not the only one suffering from withdrawal. We’re all clinging tight to our memories and counting down the days until the next Gilmore Girls Fan Fest!

PS – Check out my post from last year: The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest was GilMORE than I Expected! See what I did there?

PPS – I finally create a Gilmore Girls page, since I write about it a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

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    • Mother of 3
    • October 16, 2019

    I can see why you’re having withdrawals; they both sound so fun.

    1. Reply

      They really were! Such great experiences!

  1. Reply

    OMFG. I just…..there aren’t enough words.

    I need to go to one of these next year. Save my pennies and just do it.
    We need a plan.
    For real.
    Because I neeeeeeeeed this in my life.
    Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Fall-ishMy Profile

    1. Reply

      If it’s in CT next year, you can stay with me, and I can put you on as a volunteer which means you can attend for free. All you’d have to pay for is airfare!

  2. Reply

    I AM IN.

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