Fitness Friday #4 – Down in a Hole

OK, so that title is a bit dramatic, but I’m a product of the 90’s and when we angst, we do it with Alice in Chains.

I wrote here about why last week was such a challenge, and it made it a lot harder to stay on track. Maybe I cursed myself by saying this was easy!

During my crappy week, I stayed on track, sort of. I went over with my points a few times, I ate a little extra Halo Top ice cream, and I even had chips and Cheetos. 9 chips and 6 Cheetos to be exact.

I made a commitment to myself to reach my goal weight, and stay with this program, and that’s just what I intend to do! Even when it gets hard, and no fun, and when I even hate it just the slightest bit.

Here’s how the week shook out:

Weight Loss

This week was my lowest weight loss so far with -1.2 pounds. BUT -1.2 pounds is more than none, and a whole lot more than +1.2! I wanted to lose a steady two pounds a week, just like I wanted to only get blue dots, but you know what? This weight loss thing is hard! And it takes A LOT of work! I know you’re shocked by that statement…

Fitness Friday #4 - Down in a Hole
Fitness Friday #4 - Down in a Hole

And seriously, that’s only 0.4 pounds to ten pounds down! Whaaaaat!

I reached 10 pounds down a little later in the week, but we’ll talk about that during the next Fitness Friday.


Speaking of blue dots, I got five out of seven this week. And that’s OK. My mindset has changed a bit, and I know that when I want to splurge, I’ll splurge. Sure, I may see less weight loss, or I may have to work out more. But it’s worth it to have the occasional 9 potato chips, or entire pint of Halo Top. Yeah, I did.

Fitness Friday #4 - Down in a Hole


Last week, was too cold to run, and this week was even colder! So I started Slim in 6, (affiliate link) which I’ve been doing on and off for literally over ten years. It’s really good at targeting areas like your legs, love handle area, and back. Last week I did it twice.


I ate more processed foods than usual this week. Cause emotional eating is a thing, and it’s a thing that I do.

Fitness Friday #4 - Down in a Hole
Fitness Friday #4 - Down in a Hole


Overall, it was another successful week. Not as much weight as I’d like to lose, but still some, and I’ll take that any day over none!

>>Check out the rest of the series here!<<

Are you still on track this year? Or are you over it?

Fitness Friday #4 - Down in a Hole
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    • Kari Wagner Hoban
    • February 1, 2019

    You are such an inspiration. I need some of that in my life right now.
    So I am exactly the same weight I was a month ago. I have no motivation at this point. And I have to pay for an app for two more months. Help me.

    1. Reply

      Oh no! Break it down for me, what’s going on? Are you following the points? Are you using your weeklies? Are you eating a lot of zero point foods?

      Here are some things that work for me: I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and eggs since they are all low point foods. I try to do more egg whites than eggs. And I use my weeklies every week. I’ve heard of a lot of folks not seeing progress when they don’t use them. If you are doing all of that and still not seeing progress, I would suggest the blue dot challenge. Stay within your blue dot range every day and see if that does the trick. I know it worked for me when I started. And I lose less when I don’t stay in the blue dot range. Let me know!

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