Fitness Friday #15 – Operation Finish Line

Since starting Weight Watchers, on January 2nd, I have lost 23 pounds, I have run three 5k’s, and I have adopted healthy eating habits, including eating less in general and eating way more fruits and vegetables.

Fitness Friday #15 - Operation Finish Line

What I have not done, is reach my goal weight. I am literally three pounds away. And I have been three pounds away for quite some time now.

I hit 138.8 pounds on August 19th, and have been going up and down since then.

Fitness Friday #15 - Operation Finish Line

It dawned on me yesterday that I only have two more months to reach my goal weight, if I want to get there this year. And although two months is plenty of time to lose three pounds, I already had two months to drop from 138 to 135 and didn’t do it. If I don’t push myself to the finish line, I won’t reach my goal this year.

Fitness Friday #15 - Operation Finish Line

So today I am starting Operation Finish Line. Yes, this is a Gilmore Girls reference 🙂

Fitness Friday #15 - Operation Finish Line

Operation Finish Line is my push to reach my goal weight by the end of October which means I’ve got three full weeks to lose three pounds. It’s extremely doable, as long as I focus and keep my eyes on the prize.

Here’s the plan:

  • Blue dot days for 6 out of 7 days. I’m giving myself one day to eat more, because I need it. I need it!
  • Exercise every day. Seriously, every day. Whether that means Slim in Six, running, elliptical machine, or just getting 10,000 steps. This must be done every day.
  • Post on Connect every day. I know I know, these goals sound familiar because I set them back here. But I still believe in them!
  • Set daily intentions, because let’s be honest, if I’m not thinking about the goal, I’m not going to reach it.

Ok, that’s everything. If I stick to these four things, I am certain I will reach my goal. And I need to reach this goal!!

Wish me luck!

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    • Laura
    • October 14, 2019

    Wow! You are so close! I’m so excited for you. I have been maintaining this year, only going up two pounds during the kid’s breaks. But now that school is back in full swing, I’m back down. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Reply

      That’s girlie! And good for you maintaining. I can’t wait until my focus is maintaining instead of losing!

  1. Reply

    You sexy beast, I squealed when I saw you wrote a post.

    1. Reply

      Thank you! Your words mean the world to me.

  2. Reply

    Also, I meant beast in the most flattering way.
    Also, I am so proud of your progress.
    Go you!! 🙂
    Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Fall-ishMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Oh I only take ‘beast’ in the best way! And thank you! ♥️

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