Weight Loss

I’ve documented two of my weight loss journeys. The first series, called Exercise, Nutrition, Results, started in September 2017. And the second series, called Fitness Friday, started in January 2019. I am still working on Fitness Friday, and will continue to until I reach my goal weight!

Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday #1 - Weight Watchers - #atlsfitnessfriday
Fitness Friday #2 - Couch to 5K - #atlsfitnessfriday
Fitness Friday #3 - Traveling is Harder Than I Thought
Fitness Friday #4 - Down in a Hole
Fitness Friday #5 - This is About the Time That I Would Bolt
Fitness Friday #6 - So Very Sick šŸ™
Fitness Friday # 7 - Intermittent Fasting
8 things that Helped Me Lose 15 Pounds - Fitness Friday #8
Fitness Friday #9 - Meal Planning and Changing My Weigh In Day
Fitness Friday #10 - Working Out and Meeting Post Malone
Fitness Friday #11 - Success is My Only Option, Failure's Not
Fitness Friday #12 - I Can See the Finish Line From Here! Goal Weight!

Exercise Nutrition Results

Exercise Nutrition Results - Weekly Check In {1}
Exercise Nutrition Results - Weekly Check In {2}
Exercise Nutrition Results ā€“ Weekly Check In {3}
Exercise, Nutrition, Results - Revamp