A Few of My Favorite Things – Like the Song, Try Getting That Out of Your Head

I don’t always follow my own tenets for joyful living, but one of the things that I have started is taking time to acknowledge the things that make me joyful. Whether it’s something big, like my beautiful children, or something small like a nice perfume or nail polish, I take a moment and show gratitude for the things that make me happy. This is a small list of my favorite things recently, they have continued to bring me peace and joy!

The Smell

I was in Texas a few weeks back and walked into a store called Roanoke Trading Company, and it was legiterally something special. Have you ever been in a store that was full of things that you really liked? I normally don’t have this feeling, especially when it comes to stuff. I’m not a big stuff person, because my husband is a huge stuff person. And not huge, like he’s large, huge like one more step into darkness and we’d be in hoarder town.

This store was full of stuff, that I actually loved. But more than that, it smelled heavenly. Upon entering the store, I practically yelled out “what is that amazing smell?” And although it was a slightly rhetorical question, it quickly became a necessity and I asked the woman behind the counter again. I’d like to say that the second time I asked sounded less crazed, but it didn’t. The smell was so good

I’m guessing the woman had gotten this same questions a few times, because she brought me right to it:

Capri Blue | A Few of My Favorite Things

It’s called Capri Blue Volcano and it smells so freakin good. It’s a little fruity and a little floral. Honestly it’s not the type of fragrance I usually go for, but this one has me under its spell. I spray it on myself throughout the day, cause I work from home now and I can do those things. And it makes me so happy.

The Look

I guess I knew that Whole Foods had nail polish, but it never really did anything for me. These days Whole Foods is sort of my happy place and also my source of deodorant, since I’ve gone natural. That’s not really a thing I’ve done, but I did start wearing natural deodorant. Aaaaand I’m not convinced it’s any good, but it smells great and it’s not loaded up with chemicals.  Anyhoo, this nail polish is beautiful. The one on the left is called Blushing Crystal and the one on the right is called Shimmering Shale.

Nail polish | A Few of My Favorite Things

Nail Polish applied | A Few of My Favorite Things

The Skin

Vasanti Brighten Up! face wash came in a Birchbox before I canceled it a while back. I just realized it actually came in the Birchbox I shared back in January! You can read there why I canceled Birchbox, though this month I started back up. If it hadn’t been for the box, I wouldn’t have found this badass cleanser. It really has brightened up my skin. It’s made my face softer, and when I put on my BB cream, it glides on so smooth. The skin on my face is tricky, it gets super dry with harsh cleansers, and it also gets oily if I don’t tend to it regularly. Also I still occasionally get breakouts, so I like to use something exfoliating to help keep my pores clean. This cream does the trick, AND it restored my faith in Birchbox.

>>If you are interested in Birchbox, you can use my link!<<


Yes I’m almost 40, and no that does not deter me from eating gummy vitamins. But let me tell you why. When I was younger, for some reason I had to get an esophagram, which is essentially a camera on your esophagus. The doctors gave me a pill to swallow and watched it go down. The pill stopped in the middle of my esophagus and did’t go all the way down until I swallowed more water. For some reason my esophagus narrows, making large pills a nightmare. So I try to take gummy vitamins whenever possible. These gummy vitamins are veggie friendly and they don’t taste like complete garbage. Which is a win-win for me.

Full disclosure, they do not taste as good as Flintstones vitamins, which I took during each pregnancy. These vitamins are from Garden of Life and they are a Women’s Multi. They also have a Women’s Multi 40+, that I will be taking in less than four short years. Also, excuse me while I have an existential anxiety attack.


I’m going to admit something to you, that I’m not entirely proud of. Every time someone told me about essential oils, I immediately called BS and was all:

Mean girls essential oils | A Few of My Favorite Things

And then came Doterra Deep Blue Rub. Good god, y’all, this stuff actually works. I have a lot of issues with my back and my neck, and have for as long as I can remember. Also, remember the almost turning 40 thing? Yeah, apparently my body is just going to continue to have pains, and now all I have to do is bend down or dry my hair to throw my neck out.

Doterra | A Few of My Favorite Things

This lotion is a miracle. I’ve used it on neck pain, back pain, and most importantly migraine pain. Migraines are the worst, and they can seriously ruin your entire day. In the past, the only thing I could do for a migraine was to take Excedrin, but I don’t do caffeine regularly so when I take Excedrin I’m bouncing off the walls! With this cream, I just rubbed it on my head and temples, and the migraine disappeared! But be warned, if you get this stuff too close to your eyes, you will be very very sorry. The mentholated fumes do not mix well with open vessels of any kind, so also don’t put this stuff on a cut.

Final thoughts

[click_to_tweet tweet=”I know they say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy the things that make you happy. Or at least the things that bring you joy. #Joy #Happiness” quote=”I know they say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy the things that make you happy. Or at least the things that bring you joy.”]

I don’t need fancy cars or clothes to make me feel good and special. Little things make me happy, and I kind of love being that way. Also, I wouldn’t argue to being able to keep everything I love in one drawer to cut down on the horrible amount of stuff plaguing my house right now!

Signature | A Few of My Favorite Things

What are some of your favorite things these days? Where do you stand on the essential oil topic? Let me know in the comments!

*Image Credit: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator/Its-Not-Going-To-Happen

I love when I find things that make me happy. I like to share my favorite things and random finds that bring me joy. Sometimes money can buy happiness.

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    I LOVE Deep Blue! I was soooooo amazed the first time I tried it. Seriously. Great list!
    Tricia Murdock recently posted…Ugly Journaling – Why It’s ImportantMy Profile

    1. Reply

      It’s crazy! I would never believe it works as well as it does if I hadn’t tried it myself! Thanks Tricia!

  2. Reply

    I clicked on every link in this post and I am sure I will be broke in less than ten minutes but I don’t care.
    I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BLOGGING AGAIN. Please don’t stop.

    1. Reply

      Yay! I hope if you get anything you love it as much as I do! I admit that I’m a gusher, and I’m still gushing over the blue cream, the nail polish, and the fragrance. I swear I couldn’t stop staring at my nails with the pink nail polish. I was smitten!

  3. Reply

    I must admit, I’m addicted to all things glittery and sparkly, so I’m checking out that brilliant nail polish ASAP. Always happy to get a good recommendation for new brands!
    Hannah recently posted…Sweet and SourMy Profile

    1. Reply

      I looooove these colors. I don’t normally keep a color for more than a week, but the pink one was a two week’er cause it’s just so pretty! And rose-gold is my weakness!

  4. Reply

    i hate chemicals 🙁

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