Exercise, Nutrition, Results – Revamp

Oof! I have fallen off the wagon something awful! I’m talking cookies, candy, pasta, cheese, the works! Luckily, I haven’t gained weight, though I certainly haven’t lost any either. I have 15 pounds left to reach my goal, and I’m still determined to do it.

This week I’ve set up some ground rules and if I can stick to them, I know I’ll reach my goal weight:

Track everything, and stick to the Weight Watchers guidelines!

Exercise, Nutrition, Results - Revamp

I’m back to following the Weight Watchers plan, and expect nothing less than blue dot days! A blue dot day for me is when I eat anywhere between 30 and 37 points. I am allotted 30 points a day and 28 additional weekly points.

Walk 10,000 steps a day, no exceptions!

Exercise, Nutrition, Results - Revamp

This was my goal before today, and I am sticking with it. I really believe that if I meet this goal, every day, I will see results.

Follow the new exercise routine!

Exercise, Nutrition, Results - Revamp

I just created this exercise routine, and Eric and I worked through it tonight. It was really hard, but we did it! I’m looking forward to walking off my soreness tomorrow 🙂

I’m only setting three simple rules, because with nutrition and exercise I will see results.

On a side note, I started a bullet journal today, and added my exercise routine, points tracker, and meal plan to different spreads in order to hold myself even more accountable.

Exercise, Nutrition, Results - Revamp

I love one and two point foods, because I can eat them throughout the day, and not feel deprived. Almost all fruits and veggies are zero point foods, so I don’t need to track or write them down.

Exercise, Nutrition, Results - Revamp

I didn’t exactly stick to my shopping list today, I was distracted by all things pumpkin at Trader Joe’s. Though, I will be sticking to the breakfast and lunch ideas to get me through the week. I plan on adding more of my go-to meals to my journal, as well as other references to help me along the way!

Exercise, Nutrition, Results - Revamp

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I’m feeling motivated, and ready to make progress. Now, it’s just a matter of executing the plan!

Do you find it hard to stay in shape and on track with all the pumpkin delicacies out there? If you do, stay away from Trader Joe’s!

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  1. Reply

    LOVE this tracker. {Not to mention that lovely pen} Do you have a specific time of day that you usually exercise?

    On an unrelated note: why is exercise so hard for me to spell??

      • Ani
      • October 18, 2017

      Good god, I love this pen. Everything about it makes me happy 🙂 And thanks! It’s my first tracker, and just like everything else BUJO related, I’m just jumping in and will adjust as I go along. I do my exercise at night, because I run around making school lunch, my lunch, kids breakfast, and my breakfast in morning, as well as walking my dogs and getting ready for work! So I am useless for anything else in the morning. Though I’ll admit, night time is hard as well, because I’m bone tired after making dinner, and putting the kids to bed. I’ve set a 9pm cut off though, I have to start getting this work out started by 9pm if I want to ensure it actually gets done. Aside, of course, from the steps I try to get all 10,000 done before work. My building is over 800k square feet, so it make it easier on me.

      Oh, and I am right there with you an the spelling of exercise! No joke, I looked it up before making my spread! Why is it so hard to spell?!

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