Deleting Social Media Accounts is Akin to Cutting Your Own Hair – Both of Which I’m Awesome At

So, I deleted my Instagram account. Yup, all 150 followers, gone. Along with all of those pictures, hashtags, and likes. Honestly, when I hit that delete button, I literally let out a sigh a relief. The sigh of relief that comes with deleting social media accounts, is the same as the one that comes with cutting your hair at home. And then it’s followed by that awful realization that you can’t put it back!

Feeling relieved…

Relief from what, you ask? Who the hell knows. The stress of having to post something pretty and clever, and coming up with the right hashtags to get visibility. The stress of how my Instagram represents my ‘brand’ whatever that brand may be. Stress over not having a brand, don’t you need one to have a successful blog? And just nonstop comparison. Ugly, constant, comparison.

And y’all, this is not the first time I’ve done something like this. As called out by a good friend of mine, I am passionately impulsive. Meaning, I get an impulse and follow it to completion, no matter how crazy it may seem. Perhaps a byproduct of unchecked behavioral issues? I have been this way my whole life, and it always gets me into trouble. I can’t tell you how many bad haircuts started this exact way. Hashtag side-shave…I’m still growing that one out, btw.

Side Shave | Deleting Social Media Accounts | Ani Kay


But don’t worry, I’m back…again…

I’ve opened my account back up, though it is at all zeros – zero followers, zero pictures, and following zero. And honestly, I’m ok with that. I kind of like the challenge of starting over.

I’ve talked a lot about finding my voice, as a writer and blogger, and it’s taken me a while to figure this whole thing out. I came into the blogging world with a ton of expectations, and not a lot of trust in myself. And just like horrible rash home haircut choices, horrible rash blogging choices help me better understand what I want, what I don’t, and the why of it all.


If you followed me before, thank you! And if I followed you, I’m sorry you lost a follower, I’ll find you again and reconnect! In the meantime, I’m going to start building up my Instagram again, with the things I want to post about and what I want to share, not what I think will get likes or get me more exposure. And if you see me outside of your window with a boombox over my head blasting ‘In Your Eyes’, it’s not creepy, I’m just trying to get you back on my Instagram account.

Thanks for sticking with me, y’all!


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    Love the hair! I’ve done that so many times. In fact the last time, I told hubby to wait in the car and came out with a very short bob. I’ve never gone as short as you did though! The IG thing was more of a shocker than the hair! I consciously work harder for my IG than I do for my hair I guess.
    Tricia Murdock recently posted…Plan With Me: June – How My Journal This Month is Like an Ikea Display RoomMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thanks Tricia! The hair I was able to cover, the IG is more lasting! I like that I feel like I have more direction now, but I am far from achieving IG-peace. That’s a thing, right? haha

  2. Reply

    I deleted my Facebook years ago. Just. Deleted. It.
    Then I came back and after six months, deleted it again.
    Back again after two months, and deleted friends instead because it felt really REALLY good to unfriend idiots.
    Trust me, they were idiots.

    So I get it completely.

    My youngest, Ella, has a best friend who got her hair shaved on one side like that. She is cooler than I ever plan to be. Ella wanted to get it done but I didn’t let her because of outgrowth. I told her about my bangs story; it took me a good ten years to grow out bangs and now I want to cut them again. I have issues (see Facebook memory above).

    I am so glad I found you and your blog. You just made this dreary Monday so much better and yes, you have the power to do that. šŸ™‚

    1. Reply

      I deleted my Facebook when I first signed up, which is a bummer cause it was when I was in college and it would be fun to see those pics now. Unfriending idiots is a great thing! So cathartic. Why did it take your bangs so long to grow back?! I’m going to have to search your site for the story there.

      And, you are so sweet, your comment made MY whole day!

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