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Something Foul is Afoot!

Eric came in from outside and said, “I need to show you something, it’s a bit sad, and a bit macabre, but I need you to see it.” Yes, he uses words like macabre. “Ummmm…ok. Is it a dead body? Is it a dead animal?” I asked. “Sort of,” he said. “I don’t want to […]


Vacationing in the Bell Jar, and Taking a Break to Calibrate

When I was in high school, I read the Bell Jar. Because I was a teenage girl, who didn’t understand why my body and mind were in such conflict. Also it was a bit of a right of passage for my young literary mind. I think about the Bell Jar whenever I am in a […]


So They Say Saturday – Moulin Rouge

Sometimes you can only say what you need to say, in a quote. The So They Say Saturday series is for just that. In the spirit of all things love and flowers: For a FREE downloadable PDF, click here