Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders – Why Must Life Be So Hard!

Is it just me, or is bra shopping just the worst? Seriously, why is it so hard?

Also I have a theory, that my bras take turns hanging out with my stray socks. They’re having some sort of party in a dark closet somewhere, plotting my inevitable insanity. I know I bought enough for each day of the week last year! Where did they all go?!

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Let’s get personal here, I am a 38B, and for some reason that size is extremely popular. Or is it? Are all bra sizes popular and shops just stock one of each type? Or maybe because I’m getting the ones without an underwire, they only have larger sizes?

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Whatever the reason, bra shopping is torture for me. The other day, I took Jack with me to Kohl’s and I told him, look for 38B. And he was like wow, you are big! I’m like, Jack I am really not big, that’s not big at all. Then he was like, I have 30B, and I said no, 38, and he said wow you really are big.

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Then when he said that he found 38DD, I told him no, I need B. And he said, wow, you’re small! Now, he’s seven and doesn’t understand the difference between strap size and cup size, nor does he know that saying I’m a large strap size and a small cup size, could be seen as rude. But, bruh, it really isn’t helpful.

I was able to find one bra in my size in the style I like. ONE! So the next day, I went online, because certainly they have my size and style everywhere on the internet. And you know what? They don’t! Kohl’s was sold out, JC Penny was charging $42 a piece, and the only place that had them was Amazon. Surprise, surprise. And even Amazon was slim pickings.

So between the bras and underwear (yeah, apparently I’m a popular size there too), I spent over $200 on Amazon and bought seven of each. This way I have one for each day of the week, and I won’t have to buy them again until they literally fall apart.

Phew! I’m exhausted.

Am I alone here? Is bra shopping torture for all women?

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  1. Reply

    I hate it too which is why I am still wearing bras from 2007.
    Also, when I find a bra I LURVE, I try and buy a few so I don’t have to go shopping for another ten years BUT they aren’t all the same. Even though they are the same damn bra.
    If men had boobs, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.
    Kari Wagner Hoban recently posted…Technology Tips So You Can Show Your Kids How Cool You Really AreMy Profile

    1. Reply

      You are 100% correct, if men needed bras, they would be the most comfortable piece of clothing we owned! And when I posted this on Instagram this morning, there already was a hashtag for #brashoppingistheworst, so I know we are not alone!

    • Laura Hayden
    • January 9, 2019

    The struggle is real sister friend! I hate bra shopping, and I love shopping! I’ll go on the weekends so I can leave the kids with Joe, you’re a strong soul taking Jack with you, lol.

    1. Reply

      Hahaha I don’t know what I was thinking! Honestly I thought it would be a quick in and out, which in and of itself was a foolish thing for me to think.

    • Georgia L
    • January 9, 2019

    This is why I don’t wear a bra. I haven’t since I was in college, who needs the hassle? Let the girls free 🙂

    1. Reply

      Yeah girl! I try not wearing a bra, and it feels so good to take it off. But I really like the support I get when I have it on. I guess it’s the eternal struggle.

    • Lucy
    • January 9, 2019

    I do all of my clothes shopping online. Your struggle with bras, is my struggle with everything. Amazon is a beautiful thing haha. Also Mod Cloth is my favorite.

    1. Reply

      I feel you, and I don’t normally buy clothes online, especially not from amazon. But getting a bra or two in the mail every day has been like my birthday and christmas rolled into one! Mod cloth is magical.

  2. Reply

    Bwahahaha. I needed a pick-me-up…… bah dah dah.

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  3. Reply

    You have a hilarious way of explaining the struggle. Finding the right bra size is a hassle for all women and it gets worse when you decide to go strapless (due to the higher band support requirements) or when one is plus size.
    It makes sense to buy a bunch when you stumble upon your size.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Sydney! I have only done strapless a few times, and I do remember it being quite the hassle to find the right one. I got bras in the mail for a few days in a row, and I can’t believe I ordered that many at once!

      1. Reply

        LOL! I hope you don’t end up impulse buying
        Sydney Clinton recently posted…By: Sydney ClintonMy Profile

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    • Dean
    • January 22, 2019

    Bra shopping is THE worst. I was just thinking yesterday (while my bra wire was stabbing me) it’s about that time again. I don’t want to!
    Dean recently posted…Come Join the 331st Mommy Monday Blog Hop! #MMBHMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Hahaha it’s awful! I just was going through my finances and saw how much I spent, and even though it hurts to see, I’m glad I did. Now I won’t have to shop for them again for another few years!

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