2018 Goal Review and 2019 Goals

Setting goals last year, made a world of difference in my life. I’ve set goals in the past, but this year I checked in on them, and I really worked on them!

2018 Goal Review

  1. Finish my novel – I did this! I finished my novel during NaNoWriMo. Actually, I finished it about two hours shy of the end of NaNaWriMo, sitting in an airport after landing from Seattle.
  2. Reach my goal weight – Not only did I not reach my goal weight, I ended the year heavier than I’d been when I started it! BUT I’m on track this year to hit my goal weight, and I plan on staying at that weight for as long as possible, to become a lifetime Weight Watchers member.
  3. Go to Therapy – I also did not do this, but I did call a therapist, and I plan on going this year. No excuses.
  4. Travel at least once a month with the family I traveled so much for work this year, that I honestly found it really hard to travel with the family. Also, we moved, and the process of buying a house, moving out of your old place, and into your new place, does not leave a lot of room for travel.
  5. See at least one movie in theaters each month – Almost, like suuuuuuuper close.
    1. January – Missed this one
    2. February – Black Panther
    3. March – Missed this one
    4. April – Super Troopers 2, Avengers Infinity War
    5. May – Book Club
    6. June – Ocean’s Eight, Incredibles 2
    7. July – Ant-Man and the Wasp
    8. August – Teen Titans
    9. September – Smallfoot
    10. October – I missed this month, but made up for it the following month
    11. November – Ralph Breaks the Internet, Dr. Suess’ The Grinch (twice)
    12. December – Spiderman (twice in December and once in January)
  1. Get out of Debt – I did this, and it was so nice, I did it twice. We had a lot of house debt towards the end of the year, so I cashed out some stock and paid that off too. Read about how I felt when I paid off my student load here (spoiler: I cried like a baby).
  2. Create my 5 year plan – In 2018, I came up with a few five year plans. And even though I changed my mind a lot, and started and stopped plans, one thing is completely clear. I want to run my own business. I want to be my own boss! And I’m going to do whatever it takes to do it in the next 5 years.
  3. Give my marriage the love and time it needs – It took us some time, but I finally got where I needed to be with this one. I still want to go to couples therapy this year, because we have been together for 13 years, and we have a lot of baggage that we carry around with us.
  4. Find ways to give back – Yes! I am now donating to about four different places on a monthly basis. I sent an order of food to our local food bank, from Amazon. And Eric has been working with Jack and the scouts to help out in our community. We really only scratched the surface in 2018, and I plan on giving back a lot more this year!
  5. Live life according to my life tenets for Joy and Happiness – My word of 2018 was Joy. And I did everything I could to find as much joy as I could. And honestly it was such an amazing focus for me. I have suffered from depression and anxiety, in the past. And even though it did rear it’s ugly head a few times in 2018, I was able to come out of it with joy.

2019 Goals

I got some amazing things accomplished in 2018 like buying a house, changing jobs to something I can do from home, and getting out of debt. And now, I have to get back to myself. Back to my creativity, and my love of things like nature and painting.

Also, 2019 is going to the be the year when I finally take my blog seriously and see what I can make of it and my business. The business I have yet to create, of course,

So here goes, my goals for 2019:

Blogging/Business Goals

  1. Post to the blog three times a week
  2. 10% growth in blogging stats every month, including social media
  3. Post one video every week
  4. Create a shop with planner items, including paper, stickers, and covers

Personal and Family

  1. Go to therapy
  2. Attend couples counselling
  3. Reach goal weight and maintain it
  4. Start seeing a chiropractor
  5. Do yoga, a lot!
  6. SAVERS every morning
  7. End each month at zero balance on all cards


I feel like I can write out about 100 goals for this year, but I want to keep them measurable and manageable. I’ll be tracking in my planner each month using something like this:

I’m also going to post quarterly reviews here on the blog, instead of just a mid-year review. It’s all about accountability.

I know we all feel good in January, with the start of a new year, but something feels different this year. Is anyone else feeling it?

Did you set goals this year? What are you doing to track them?

2018 Year End Review and 2019 Goals

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  1. Reply

    Man, I need your motivation. I love lists like these though because they keep you on track.
    Therapy will be THE gift you give yourself this year.
    Also, I am not a movie theater person but I love movies. I saw the recent nominations and there are so many I want to see when they are On Demand.
    I haven’t seen Black Panther yet but LOVE the soundtrack, so I need to right that wrong stat.

      • Ani
      • January 23, 2019

      I am working at the motivation. It’s easy with the start of the year. Like anything else, the hard part is sustaining! Blogging and tracking is keeping me accountable. I love the movie theater, it’s one of my happy places. When I set this goal, we just signed up for Movie Pass, and in order to make it worth the money we paid for it, a movie a month would do it. Now the MP is crap and we are no longer subscribed. Though, the movie theater near us has $5 Tuesdays, and I feel like you just can’t beat that!

  2. Reply

    Nice work on all those goals, both in what you’ve accomplished last year and plan to tackle this year! I have no where near such lofty ambitions but find it inspiring that you’re so organized and focused in your intentions.

    1. Reply

      Thank you! I am determined to get them all done this year! Goal setting and planning has made more possible than I ever thought before. Now it’s just a matter of keeping up with it!

  3. Reply

    A lovely post and you managed to achieve so much last year. I hope the momentum is carried on over for this year and you have the best year so far. ?
    Michael Brooks recently posted…The best vegan meal so farMy Profile

    1. Reply

      Thanks so much Michael! And I really hope so too! I know we are still early in the year, but I’m going to do my best to keep it going and rock 2019!

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