Gilmore Girls – I’m Totally A Luke, All This Time I Thought I was a Lorelai

I started watching Gilmore Girls just before the seventh season. I would rent the DVDs from Netflix, three at a time, this was before they had streaming, and if you wanted to watch a series you’d have to rent the DVDs and you could only rent three at a time. I want to say there […]

Exercise + Nutrition

Fitness Friday #2 – Couch to 5K – #atlsfitnessfriday

Another week down on Weight Watchers! I’m really excited about the progress I made, and believe it or not the second week was easier than the first! Also, I started Couch to 5K, and that was not easy, like at all. Here’s how it all shook out. Weight Loss 5.6 pounds down so far! I’m […]


Skinny French Toast – Weight Watchers Friendly

My goal with Weight Watchers is to reach my ideal weight, keep it for six weeks, and achieve lifetime membership. When you have lifetime membership with Weight Watchers, you get to be a member for free, for life! I know that I want to lose weight, but I also know that I want to maintain […]

Bullet Journal

Plan With Me – January 14th – 20th [Video]

I recorded my second Plan With Me Video yesterday! If you aren’t familiar with these videos, I’ll break it down for you. Plan with me videos are essentially an opportunity for you to watch someone set up their planner for the upcoming week/month/year. They’re a walk through trackers, dailies, weeklies, and other spreads. And I […]

Exercise + Nutrition

Fitness Friday #1 – Weight Watchers – #atlsfitnessfriday

I stated Weight Watchers last week. And one thing you should know about folks on Weight Watchers is that all they want to do is talk about Weight Watchers. And I am no exception. I think that’s part of the brilliance of the program. When you live it, it becomes more than a habit. And […]


Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders – Why Must Life Be So Hard!

Is it just me, or is bra shopping just the worst? Seriously, why is it so hard? Also I have a theory, that my bras take turns hanging out with my stray socks. They’re having some sort of party in a dark closet somewhere, plotting my inevitable insanity. I know I bought enough for each […]


Cauliflower Crust Pizza (Weight Watchers, Low Carb, Gluten Free)

Cauliflower Crust Pizza will smash your pizza craving while you stay on track with your weight loss goals! Weight Watchers friendly, low carb, gluten free!

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December 2018 Recap – Ending the Year Strong

December 2018 Recap - Ending the Year Strong

Check out my post from this day last year: 2018 New Year’s Resolutions – All About Healing and Growth It’s 2019, y’all. Seriously, what? December was a blur, as it often is. And the start of the year, like every start of the year since my son was born SEVEN years ago (again, what?!), was […]


The {Not So} Glamorous Side of Traveling

Traveling is hard, y’all! If you take a look at my Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see pictures of Miami beach, Mt Rainier, and Prague. And you may think, wow, she’s so lucky that she gets to travel all over the world, while getting paid! And, you’d be right, I am extremely lucky that I have […]

Obsession Subscriptions

Monthly Subscriptions Review – My Burgeoning Obsession

I love subscriptions, like I’m bordering on a mild obsession. Currently I get Ipsy Glambag, Birchbox, Stickii, Pipsticks, Boho Berry Box, and Trunk Club. Chem em out!